Tomatoes just don’t go there


So my son did something I thought only happened on cheesy family sitcoms. He put food in the VCR.

I’ve heard a great many myths about kids and their antics, and I always thought the stories I’d heard about kids “feeding” the VCR was something off of Full House or Everybody Loves Raymond. I don’t actually remember it happening on Full House, but the show was wacky enough…it probably happened after I stopped watching (sadly, it wasn’t until Uncle Jesse and Becky’s kids were toddling around). I’ve never actually seen an episode of Everybody Loves Raymond, but just from the commercials alone it seems like the kind of show were kids are likely to stick a grilled cheese in the VCR.

But my son proved it is not the stuff just sitcoms are made of. He took two cherry tomatoes from our neighbor’s yard (she is kind enough to let him stuff himself on her extra ones), and after walking around with them for a good twenty minutes, came inside and deposited them straight into our VCR. Luckily the only use the machine sees on a regular basis is being turned on so we can watch DVDs. Still, my husband was momentarily perplexed as to how to get the little boogers out of the VCR. They rolled right out of reach.

So, after my son went to bed, he unhooked everything (with a few swear words as he had to move the DVD rack and try to figure out which of the web of wires behind the TV belongs to the VCR. The tomatoes were out in minutes, it gave us both a huge laugh, so I guess in the end, no harm was done. Considering one of my good friend’s sons put an entire waffle, complete with syrup into hers (and this was about 10 years ago when she used it all the time), I got off very lucky.

Kids are so weird!


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