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I am not a dirty person!

Much to my relief, it wasn’t strep. Although in some ways, if it had been strep, this week might have been a bit easier. I could have at least gotten some good antibiotics which would have kicked the infection out and had me better in a few days. I, however, had little ulcers in my throat. Viral, which means no antibiotics and basically the only thing to be done was to “manage” the pain.

The PA I saw gave me a script for some viscous lidocaine she told me to gargle with 3-4 times a day. Despite the jokes I know I’m going to endure, I have to admit I have a pretty bad gag reflex. I couldn’t swallow pills until I was in my late teens, because I’d start to choke on them. My husband gargles salt water anytime he gets sick, but the second I try it, I start gagging. I resigned myself to trying to gargle the prescription stuff, only to find it’s a gel. Do you have any idea how freakin’ hard it is to gargle a gel? Especially one that has to be sort of squeezed into your throat and then makes your throat go numb? I was lucky to get one partial gargling sound made before it started to slide down my throat and I nearly threw up. Although it was truly horrific, I did it 4 times a day, in combination with ibuprofen or Tylenol and managed to feel just slightly better….until I lost my voice.

By the end of the teaching day on Wednesday, my voice was down to small wisps, but I made it threw the day. I went to dinner with a friend (in hindsight a bad idea since we talked throughout dinner and my voice vanished by the end of the night). The next day my voice was a tad better, so I trudged in to school. The last part of fourth block was a total wash for me. I couldn’t speak at all. Sure, the kids loved it, but my throat was burning and I felt like death. I called in on Friday to rest.

Friday saw less pain in my throat and a revival of my voice. It also saw the start of a full fledged head cold. Late Thursday night I had traded my throat daggers for a stuffy nose. I woke up at least 10 times trying to find a way to breathe that didn’t leave my throat raw. I got very little sleep, and started pounding the generic DayQuil as soon as I got up.

This entire weekend I’ve felt like poo. Sure, my throat now only stings instead of pierces, but my head is stuffy and I keep getting that horrid little tickle in my throat that signals a pathetic little cough is coming. This is not the worst of it though. My husband has not only developed these symptoms (sans throat ulcers but plus an ear infection), but has also contracted pink eye. I’m guessing it has to be from the baby, even though his eye hasn’t been pink for 5 days now. All day yesterday my husband said his eye felt scratchy. Since he’d been out blowing the leaves around the back yard, I figured he got debris in his eye. By the time we were settling in to watch a movie, his eye was no longer just scratchy, but red and weepy to boot.

The poor guy spent over two hours at doc-in-the-box today to get three prescriptions (totally over $200) to vanquish his various ailments. I have been wiping down everything he touches with Clorox wipes and washing my hands 50 times an hour, but I have a terrible, horrible feeling that my eye is going to begin pinkening soon.

This is particularly awful to me. Not just because I’ll get to be even more uncomfortable than I already am, but because one of two things is going to happen: Either I’ll have to apologize for years of teasing I’ve given my best friend for her bought with pink eye, or I’ll have to admit that I am a dirty person. I’m not sure which of these options is going to be more painful for me. On one hand, the idea of being dirty is really bothersome to me. I love being clean. Now, I’m not crazy about it. I don’t shower three times a day or have separate sponges for each type of household job, but I simply cannot stand to be dirty.

The first thing I do each morning is jump in the shower. If I have to wait, even thirty minutes after I get up to shower, I spend that time thinking about how dirty I feel. Even on days I get up only to go work out, I really desperately want to shower. I don’t care if it means I’ll have to shower when I get home, I don’t like the idea of being at the gym and being dirty. It makes the sweating I do there even grosser. I even brave the spider ridden, fungi filled bathrooms at campsites (in flip flops, of course) to shower while camping. That’s how much I like to be clean.

Then again, the thought of eating my words and admitting that pink eye is not, “the dirty person’s disease”* as I have taunted my best friend for something like 10 years now, is equally upsetting to me.

Please, oh please, oh please, don’t let me get pink eye! I can deal with my husband being dirty. Afterall, he can go several hours (sometimes even 24) without bathing. I can even deal with my son being a bit dirty. I know he is at times, we only bathe him every other day (he has baby eczema and bathing him daily is really bad for his skin). But I can’t be dirty! I just can’t!

*I realize it’s not really the dirty person’s disease, but anything gooping up my eye just freaks me out and feels really, really dirty.


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Please don’t let it be strep

The baby is sick and I fear I may be next. I felt fine when I woke up this morning. I made it through the entire day with only a slight headache, but I attribute this to dealing with teenagers all day, not with any illness. After being home a few hours and cuddling my cute, though oozy, drippy baby in my arms, my throat is starting to feel a tad scratchy. Now, this could be entirely coincidental. I don’t know if he has a sore throat. He’s a year and a half, it’s not like he can tell me. He’s been eating and drinking ok and has gone to sleep just fine (with a little help from my friend baby Tylenol–which, I should add, he now asks for by name). He doesn’t seem like a baby who has a sore throat. My husband, in fact, acts like far more of a baby when he has a sore throat.

Still, I don’t think I’ve ever had a psychosomatic sore throat before. Plus, my eyes keep itching. Now this, could definitely be a gut reaction to my darling little one’s eyes which are all goopy and droopy thanks to his playmate at the sitter’s. Despite having a degree and working in a school, her mother doesn’t realize that when a kid’s eyes are matted shut, they might just be contagious and should be kept at home. We kept our little guy at home, even though he didn’t have a fever, because we figured he might be contagious. And there is now a new little one at the sitter’s. Turns out he is contagious…he has conjunctivitis. Yuck!

Thankfully the doc didn’t give us any eye drops. I cannot even kind of imagine having to put drops in a baby’s eyes. She seems to think the antibiotic she gave us for the ear infection he also has is going to just knock the hell out of all his other symptoms. I hope she’s right.

My husband was able to stay home with him today, but I don’t know if I can get two days in a row out of him (not because he’s a reluctant dad, but because he has a job too). I really shouldn’t miss tomorrow as I’m not sure how anyone else could run my classes.

Why isn’t everyone responsible enough to stay at home with their icky, drippy offspring?

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Yes, I’m still alive

I don’t have much free time at the moment, but I thought I’d use the bit I have to assure any readers I may still have that no, I have not been hit by a bus or perished in a landslide of badly formatted research papers. I’ve just been busy. The end of our first grading period is quickly approaching and for once, I am not at all prepared. Midterm testing starts tomorrow and I just finished writing one of the tests today. Usually I have all that done a week or so in advance.

I’m not sure what it is about this year, but it is kicking my ass. I started strong. I had all my lesson plans done. I had great ideas. I even had some enthusiasm. As the weeks have melted away, I found that instead of using my plan time and evenings to figure out the second part of the semester, I’ve been using it all to grade and contact parents.

Friday ends my lesson plans for all of my classes. I think I can wing my AP class. I can move a few things around and start with Shakespeare if need be. That’s always easy. I feel comfortable with good ol’ Billy. My remedial class won’t be hard to teach per say, I just have no idea what units I want to cover. Since it’s basically teaching to the damn “skills based” state wide test, as long as I’m covering basic comprehension, writing and grammar skills, I’m ok. Still, I like the kids in the class and want to make it at least kind of fun for them. Even my speciality lit class is going to be a pain to teach, despite the fact that I get to teach the same class to a new group of kids this nine weeks. I found so many things I want to change, that I basically have to rewrite everything. GRRR!!!

On top of this, I have a pile of really poorly written research papers (with very little research in them), a stack of dense AP analysis over two novels and 17 essays over the great benefits society reaps due to the invention of radio waves to read. I should be reading right now. But, in my hurry to talk to my department chair about a kid who wrote a something offensive in a journal entry, drop the money from our fundraiser with the financial clerk for safe keeping and get to a meeting about another fundraiser before 3:30 so I could still go pick up my son, I left everything I need to grade exactly where it does me no good…on my desk at work.

So, after I made the answer key for my last test and prepared a Jeopardy style review game, I found I had a whopping 15 minutes before I need to hit the sack so I can get up and do it all over again tomorrow.

I know this sounds like a poor me blog. It’s not meant to be. I realize this is the job I picked, and since most days I like it ok, I am sucking it up and getting by. I don’t want people to feel sorry for me. I just want to explain why I’ve not even thought about the blogosphere, much less entered it, in something like two weeks now. But, ya know, if you want to feel sorry for me, and I don’t know, buy me a present, or bake me something tasty, I wouldn’t say no to it.

Especially if it is chocolate or a massage, or a robot teacher to do all of my grading.

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