I’m baaaaack

So I’ve been out of the blog-o-sphere for awhile now. I haven’t been writing. I haven’t been reading. I haven’t been doing much of anything. This is due in part to being way behind in all my grading. It’s partly due to being a bit sick (and not just a little cold kind of sick, actual, have tests run and get pills because they don’t know quite what’s wrong with me so I have even more tests to run, but it’s not so serious I can’t function so I’m waiting until spring break for the invasive tests, kind of sick). I won’t like though…a lot of laziness has been involved in my break.

I have sort of enjoyed my time spent lounging on the couch, catching up on my Netflix collection (I have War and Peace for gosh sakes) and snuggling with my husband. I’ve also been doing a lot of reading in preparation for a graphic novel unit (which went over fairly well, I might add). And although graphic novels are a lot easier than “real” novels to read, I still read like 20 of them in a two week period, and it took more time than I thought. Plus over the holiday break I changed classroom and am now in a computer classroom, so I’ve had to redo all of my lesson plans to utilize the neat-o computers we have (and incorporate chats, forums and ironically, blogs into my lessons). So although I’ve been neglecting my writing and reading of fun blogs, I have been reading and commenting on student blogs like crazy! It’s been kind of cool, but a lot of work. Especially since I’m trying to do all my quizes on line as well and the program I have to make them is a bit time consuming (I could type up a 20 question quiz in about 10 minutes). To put it in to our system, it takes about 45. Doing that for several classes is a lot of work.

But, I was ever so politely reminded that it’s been four months now. And that is a long time. So, I figured I’d jump back in and get to blogging. I can’t promise every day, but I’ll try for at least a few updates a week. The funny thing (not funny ha ha) is that recently I’ve really been missing this blog. As I’m getting ready in the morning, I actually find myself composing blogs in my head, but by the end of the day, I’m tired, have grading and just want to veg. However, as a wanna be writer, I supposed I have to push through and get my thoughts out rather than let my brain decompose even further with the latest episode of Fringe (not my choice by the way, but I have to give in every now and then and throw my husband a bone. He gets annoyed when I play tv commando).

So if I still have any loyal readers out there, rest assured that I will be posting again. I’ve got lots of things to blog about (several very cool life developments) and a plethora of things to rant about.

PS-Thanks for making me feel a bit guilty misanthropy!


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