I may become a TV junkie

I think I’m being pressured to watch more TV. Not in that after school special sort of way. It’s more subtle. No one is telling me what a square I’ll be if I don’t just flip one more channel. But at lunch, all my friends (and the two annoying people who sit at our table), talk about TV shows they are addicted to. When I don’t watch, I’m left to contemplate either my job or my lunch. Not good options, let me tell you.

Now, I am already addicted to a few shows. I live and breathe Lost (and hate the fact my  husband plays cards on Wed, so I have to wait until Thursdays to watch it). Bones has my constant attention (when it’s not being moved for American Idol). Big Love gets recorded, and watched every Sunday. And The Office and 30 Rock are, in fact, must see TV for me. I’m also hooked on some older shows that I’m just catching up with, like House and the original Office. I’m even Netflixing some current shows I don’t get because I have HBO, not Showtime (The Tudors and Dexter). My TV show plate is pretty darn full.

Sadly, none of these seem to be what my co-wokers watch. They like reality TV. Now, as a rule, I am not a fan. Like most college students of my time, I watched the Real World in its infancy. I started college when the first season was on MTV and stayed loyal for two seasons. I even watched the first season of Survivor, but after I figured out they were going to be fighting, eating gross things and stabbing each other in the back, I got bored. I tried to watch a second season of Survivor because an older co-worker was so excited when he found out I watched the first one. He wanted to talk to me after each episode. It pretty much became me not watching, then nodding my head as he talked about the highlights. When he caught on, I made up excuses.

But that was when I ate lunch in my office with a very select group (of two others) who also had no time for TV, so it didn’t much matter. Now I eat in the teacher’s lounge with good friends (sans two) and I can’t escape the lunch time conversation. So, it’s stare at my orange or talk reality.

The problem is that aside from American Idol, I have no idea what other reality shows are on (or when). I only know American Idol because every year it bumps at least one show I’m devoted to. They seem to mention AI, The Bachelor, The Biggest Loser and The Amazing Race. I could care less about the “love” lives of people who have to go on TV to find a mate (esp. since when they talk at lunch it seems like none of these couples end up together). I have plenty of my own diet woes. And I am in no way athletic. I have, however, always liked singing (although I finally gave up my dreams of being a rock star), so I think AI might be it.

I hate to give in, but I think it may come to it. Maybe I can just record it, fast forward through all the crap and just hear the winners. That is unless someone can make a compelling argument for any of the other shows. Anyone?


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4 responses to “I may become a TV junkie

  1. ficklefoe

    Iwill never let you forget it if you start watching American Idol.

  2. missanthropy

    I don’t watch any of those particular reality shows, although I have had my own history of guilty pleasures, the details of which I won’t bore you.

    But I find it helps to just watch “The Soup” and “Best Week Ever,” because they show the funniest parts of those programs and I can still act like I know what the hell people are talking about when they complain about the guy from “The Bachelor.” You’d think this wouldn’t be a big deal, but the ridiculous small talk at the coffee shop sometimes demands a knowledge of trivial pop culture.

  3. beetqueen

    Good suggestions. It’s amazing how people who claim to be just as busy as I am find time to watch three, four, sometimes five reality shows. The conversation about the “Bachelor” (which I refuse to watch), almost turned violent because one person hadn’t seen it and didn’t want any spoilers and two others really wanted to spoil it for her. One of them not only muttered “you should have watched it” nastily under her breathe, but the other one actually said she should have gotten up and left the table.

    The woman who hadn’t watched it is 7 months pregnant and fell asleep on the couch waiting for it to come on. It had been less than 24 hours and she was planning to watch the show as soon as she got home.

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