A moment to breathe

YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My grading is done. Well, at least most of it is. I still have three or four things to grade for a student who missed like two weeks of school and decided not only to wait until the last minute to make up her work (and then bitch about her grade to me), but also to submit them in a format my computer won’t recognize (despite repeating at least five dozen times that they should save everything as an RTF). I’m not sweating it though. My grades are due by 7:50 tomorrow morning, and if I don’t have time to get her work graded, I’ll give her an incomplete and fix it later. I’m sure I’m not really supposed to do that, but she should have gotten her work in earlier! Maybe she’ll learn from this.

The best part of being done is that now I get to go watch some of the shows I have DVR’d. I don’t get to watch Lost (boo) because I have to wait for my husband, but at least I can go watch Dollhouse, which I am fairly excited about. My husband feels “mah” about it.

I’m the first to admit I’m a Joss Whedon apologist. I will watch anything the man does. Mostly because it’s all been fairly golden. Dollhouse isn’t my favorite series by Whedon (that would be Buffy), but I think it has potential. I’m not a huge Eliza Dushku fan, but she’s less annoying as Echo than she was as Faith (“five by five” annoyed the crap out of me). I’m also hoping the show picks up.

Although I was hooked on Buffy within the first few episodes of the show, looking back, the writing the first season wasn’t exactly genius. It took Joss a little while to get in to his stride, and I’m hoping that is what happens with Dollhouse. I actually think last week’s episode (blind girl in a religious cult) was the best one yet. I’m hoping this is an upward trend. What I don’t want to happen is for me to start enjoying the show only to have it cruely yanked out from under me as Fox tends to do with Whedon’s shows (ok, so I only have Firefly to go on, but that was freakin’ genius) . And all the shows I like on their channel for that matter (except Bones, but it is going strong and Angel is HOT again).

I’ve actually found that even though I’m not a huge Dushku fan, the fact that she was on two Whedon shows (granted, playing the same character) lends her some credibility in my book. I actually watch several shows with actors from his other shows (Bones, Castle, Dollhouse–also has Amy Acker who I really do like). I’m glad to see the actors I loved on his shows doing other shows…and especially ones I like.  Now if I could just get Whedon to write some sort of Spike spin-off show…or any show for that matter that stars James Marsters as a bad boy Brit (with or without the leather jacket). Sigh….

Oh well, off to the TV for me!


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