Excuse me while I get a little political here

I am not, by nature, a political person. I have a few causes I feel very strongly about, and the rest I don’t really get too involved in. There are issues I am conservative about and issues I am very liberal about. I like to play the opposite side with anyone I talk to in an attempt to better understand their position. But I don’t even do that often as people get really heated about politics and since I’m not one who does, I don’t like to get a rise out of people, just to get a rise out of them (except my husband…that’s just fun).

Tonight at dinner though, I saw a man wearing a t-shirt that said, “Impeach Obama.” Now, I had to do a double take. It’s not that I couldn’t believe there was someone who might not be an Obama fan in the joint. After all, it was an Old Country Buffet* in the wealthiest (and probably most conservative) county in the state. What shocked me so much was the fact that these shirts have already been made, and marketed. He’s been in office for less than three months. How can this t-shirt possibly exist? I know there are a lot of people who are pissed off about his economic stimulus package (I hear my students bitch about it constantly–no doubt straight out of their parents’ mouths), but he’s been in office for like 75 days….maybe we could give him at least 360 before we start even mentioning the word impeachment. Or are we just going to start trying to impeach every president who gets elected? At least Bush got a full term in (and part of a second) before people started calling for his blood.

Now, the shirt itself doesn’t exactly irk me. I think it’s more the extremism behind it. I think a shirt like that gives conservatives a bad name. Granted, a lot of conservatives out there deserve that bad name, but not all of them do. Just like not all liberals are bent on turning America into a socialist state where everyone is equal in a creepy Harrison Bergeron way. People get so entrenched in their ideology that they refuse to see that either side may have a point, or at least something intelligent to bring to the table. I can’t stand it when people write off anyone who does not share their political beliefs as “evil” or “ignorant” just because they support the other party. I understand disagreeing with the issues. I understand listening to the other side and not being persuaded. What I don’t undestand is not giving the other side a chance to get things right. I don’t like the assumption that just because ideologies might be different that they are going to destroy the country I love. I don’t understand not wanting to understand the other side. Or not giving them a chance to make the world better.

I may not agree with everything President Obama does, but I think he deserves more than three months to fix the world. Just like I’d think a republican president would deserve the same. Maybe I’m naive. I don’t know. I just believe people should get a chance to prove themselves before they get condemned. This is probably why most of my friends get so frustrated when they try to talk politics with me.

*I know, I know…OCB…haven for fatties and rednecks…but God help me, every now and then I get a hankering for some white fish with tarter sauce, herbed dumplings with what is probably canned gravy on them and a salad with fatty, but oh so tasty, thousand island dressing. I don’t know what it is, but the siren song of OCB calls to me, and although I know I shouldn’t, I go. And since I’m there, I eat soft serve and rice krispy treats. Yum!

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One response to “Excuse me while I get a little political here

  1. missanthropy

    Ugh. It took years for people to get on the Bush-hating bandwagon. I hated him way before it was cool. And I can’t believe people don’t realize Obama’s only job right now is try to right 8 years of Bush’s wrongs.

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