Sleep Nirvana

Tonight my years of tossing and turning all night end. No longer will I be woken up when my husband drops in to bed hours after I have been visited by the sandman. My mornings of waking up with some sort of krick in my neck will be mere memories. Tonight, I enter sleep nirvana.

Or at least that’s what the sales guy swore to me.

Despite the doctor’s warning not to enter in to any contracts since I was still coming out of sedation, we went shopping for a big boy bed. While visiting my parents earlier this week, my son learned a neat new trick: he climbed out of the pack n’ play, which was the only thing for him to sleep in. I heard him crying in the back room and went to check on him. He flung himself at me, very upset that the door was closed and he couldn’t get out. So, I spent the next 20 minutes laying next to him on the very uncomfortable full size bed, waiting for him to drift off. He did, but I knew this was just the start of my troubles.

Luckily my husband hadn’t been able to get the time off of work, so it was just me and the little guy. That night we had to sleep in the same bed together. I do not know how families who “co-sleep” do it. I got almost no sleep. Not only was I terrified I might toss and or turn on to him, but I was equally worried he’d roll off the bed (much like me, he’s a tosser). He didn’t, but only because I was ultra vigilent and woke up about every 30 minutes. He did roll in to the headboard (twice) and kick, roll on and slap me multiple times in the night.

When we got back home, I noticed he was hiking his foot up onto his crib rail. This made me nervous, so I decided it was time for a big boy bed.

I had no idea where to look for a bed. We got a new bedroom set by calling some number we saw on a sign stuck into the ground near a stop light. We left a message and then got a call back from a guy named “Gino” who invited us to come see his warehouse. Well, not his warehouse. He was helping out a friend, which I’m pretty sure means we bought furniture from the mafia. It’s nice furniture though. We didn’t buy a new mattress, even though Gino had those. We’ve been using my husband’s, which he’s had for something like 14 years now.

Anyway, I remembered hearing commercials for Today’s Bedroom One, so I looked them up online. It turns out they are going through a court ordered liquidation, so we rushed on over. They only had three beds for little boys (not being sexist here, but the others were like glittery, neon pink girly), and one was a nice wooden bunk bed. We got it, and the two mattresses for like $400. While we were there, I casually mentioned how I’d like to have a Tempurpedic mattress (rather than the chinzy generic foam topper we currently have). Our salesguy got right on it. He showed us a whole room full of Tempurpedic mattresses. After laying on about a dozen different beds, we found a winner. And for an AMAZING discount. It retailed at $3200, but the price had been slashed in half. Since we were supposed to be getting a floor model, it was going to be 30% less than that. We were jazzed, and signed on the dotted line (my husband even got a Tempuredic pillow basically thrown in).

Today he and a friend went to pick up our booty. When he called to confirm our pick up, he found our our salesguy had made a mistake. He wasn’t selling us a floor model…we were getting a brand new mattress (and box spring), which wasn’t supposed to get a discount, but since they’d already sold it, we still got it.

It’s all put together and waiting for me. And even though I know that when I rest my head on it, it means the end of spring break, I’m really looking forward to it.


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2 responses to “Sleep Nirvana

  1. missanthropy

    Oooooh, those spongy, foam mattresses are my favorite! We got a 4-inch mattress topper for under $100 at Costco. It’ll have to do until we move in to a place with one story, or wider stairs, because we were barely able to get our stuff upstairs when we moved in. Plus, I want a platform bed. Can you put a Tempurpedic on a platform?

  2. beetqueen

    We had one of those toppers too (not sure if it was four inches or not) for about the same price at Sam’s. It was nice (esp. when we put the pillow top topper on top of it), but this is much comfier.

    They are HEAVY as hell though. I had no idea foam weighed so much. I would think you’d be able to put it on a platform, as long as it had a good base. I’ve seen some really cute platforms it would work on and some it would probably topple!

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