Teeny, tiny, tax boo-boo

I think I may have made a little, teeny mistake with my taxes. I’m really hoping the federal government (and the state one for that matter), won’t mind too much. I don’t think it’s the kind of mistake that’s going to land me in the clink like Al Capone. It’s not tax evasion. More of a mix-up of forms.

See, last year I got some money when my aunt died. Having only a basic working knowledge of taxes and fearing actually finding myself behind bars for putting a decimal point in the wrong place, we decided to take our taxes to professionals this year. It’s the first time anyone except my grandmother has ever done my taxes (and she only did them twice–oddly enough, it was the only other time I’ve ever owed money). The accountants did their math magic and found out that not only would we not be getting a refund this year (I had little hope of that), we actually owe the government a hefty little chunk of change (at least for us).

Not the end of the world since the inheritance covers it (although I’m still a bit bitter that I have to pay taxes on money my aunt already paid taxes on just because she had the gall to die and leave it to me). The accountant made up these little payment coupons for us to send in with large checks. I guess there were four in all. The first one I just wrote checks for and my husband took them to the accountant. The second one I sent in early (or at least I thought it was early). The other two I filed away to be paid closer to their due dates.

Now, here’s where I made that little bitty mistake. I think I misfiled the third and fourth quarter payment slips (read might have thrown them out). However, I have two payment slips in my filing box, so I didn’t think much of it. I even was very careful about checking their due dates so I wouldn’t forget to pay them. One said April 15 and the other June 15. Cool. I had plenty of time. Except as it turns out, they are copies of the originals that I already sent. The date I thought said 2009 actually says 2008. Ooops.

The actual third and fourth payment may have been due in November and January. I paid the third one (yesterday) and have the fourth one waiting to mail. I have to call the accountant tomorrow and explain my miniscule foul up.

I don’t think it can get me in too much trouble. After all, since I’m just doing my 2008 taxes now, it’s not like the money’s actually due before April 15th. If I hadn’t done the prepay thing, the money would have just been due next week. Or at least that’s what I’m hoping. I really don’t have time for a jail sentence, nor do I have the money to pay any kind of penalty (they really did tax the heck out of that inheritance).

Wish me luck….I may need it.


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One response to “Teeny, tiny, tax boo-boo

  1. missanthropy

    Good luck! I screwed up our taxes this year, too. Charlie actually reminded me today that I have to re-do them in just 4 days. I totally forgot about his 401(k) and didn’t account for it as income. D’oh!

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