Lamest toy ever

This will be a quicky since I have promised my husband full computer access to play with his new iPod. It’s only fair seeing as how last night I monopolized it grading research papers. Not as fun as exploring the wonders of a new iPod, but a necessary evil of my life.

Speaking of toys, yesterday while I was putting my son’s clothes away in his closet, he found one of his toys which I thought I had buried away. He’s a clever little monkey and I should have known he’d find it in one of his raids. When he brought it out of his room and started playing with it, I remembered just why I’d put it away in the first place: it is, quite possibly, the lamest toy ever.

It’s a truck. But not a cool truck. As anti-traditional boy toys as I usually am (not for any gender biased reasons, I just think they are stupid in general), I can appreciate the “cool” factor of some trucks: dump trucks, fire trucks, big constructiony trucks. I get why boys want to play with those. Or at least I kind of get it. But this truck, which was a present from one of my in-laws, is a street sweeper. That’s right, a street sweeper.

Now, I have to wonder what genius thought, “hmmm, let’s make a new toy kids are gonna love. I’ve got it! We’ll take the lamest motorized machine on the planet, the one everyone knows does no actual good and serves no real purpose, and turn it into a toy for little kids.” Freakin’ idiot!

The truck even has four push buttons so it talks. My favorite phrase: “Street sweeper…keepin’ it clean.” Wow…lame is not a strong enough word.

Tonight while he’s asleep, I’m going to hide it somewhere. Only this time I’ll do a better job!



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2 responses to “Lamest toy ever

  1. La

    I cannot possibly fathom where one would purchase a street sweeper toy…truly bizarre

  2. beetqueen

    I’m guessing Wal-Mart…in like the cheap knock off toy aisle.

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