It’s really not funny…except it is!

Ok, so I absolutely, 100% know this should not amuse me, but I can’t help it, it does.

Last night, in a pseudo-attempt to guilt trip my dad for not visiting since my son’s birthday (and as a reminder that I want him to come up after my surgery), I called my dad. My son was in a great mood, so I handed the phone over to him. He spent a good five minutes, just talking to my dad. He told him all about how he was doing (“I fine”), what he’d name the fish he was going to get (“Nemo”) and reminding my dad about what he does for a living (“drive fire truck”). About half-way through the conversation, he said the golden words guarenteed to melt any grandparents’ heart: I love you (pronounced “I wuv you”).  He then went on to amaze and amuse my dad by responding “because I doan know PawPaw John.”

This is not what has me in stitches. My amusement is far more sinister.

After my husband heard this conversation, he immediately wanted to call his folks. Our son was already distracted and I could tell he wasn’t in the mood. So tonight, my husband was gung-ho that our son would talk to his folks. Without asking if my son wanted to talk, he called his folks up.

Much to his dismay, our son would not talk to his grandparents. He pulled and twisted away from the phone, determined to wrestle with his overstuffed teddy bear. My husband tried for several minutes to get our son to talk, but he barely managed to get two “hellos” out of him. He did manage a quick love you, but it was garbled because the boy was trying hard to get away.

My husband ended up throwing his hands up and walking into the other room to talk to his dad.

I know our son wans’t trying to cause any hurt feelings. There are nights he won’t talk to my parents either, although those are few and far between. Our son just knows my parents better. He’s spent two Christmases with them (none with my in-laws), two birthdays with them (again, none with my in-laws), an extended visit while we were on vacation last year and about a dozen trips to visit my folks (one to see my in-laws).

I should be clear, I do like my in-laws. They are nice people. I just sometimes think they are so used to having grandchildren (they have 6 now) and so our son, who is in the middle, gets pushed to the side. They’ve been to every other grandkid’s first birthday party (except the one who hasn’t hit two yet). My folks only have one grandchild and they adore him. Plus, they only live two hours away. My in-laws live 10 hours away. It does change the calculus of things.

Still, I can’t help but chuckle. Maybe they’ll come to his party next year!


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