From the mouths of babes

I think I might have the sweetest kid in the world. Now, I know this totally sounds like bias. And I even admit I have more than a little bias when it comes to my kid. Any parent who says they don’t, is, well, lying.

I had my gallbladder taken out a few days ago. It was an outpatient procedure and had kind of kicked my butt a little bit more than I thought it would. I knew it wasn’t going to be easy, per say, but since I only got one small hole in my belly, I figured it couldn’t compare to the gianormous scar I already have where a baby was pulled out two years back.

So I was more than a little shocked when I woke up the next morning and had some real trouble moving. It seemed to me that my c-section recovery was really quick. I was up and walking around the next day. Heck, I was even carrying a baby around. I was shocked that just getting out of bed made me want pain killers. As I sat and pondered it, I was forced to remember that after my c-section, I did get to stay in the hospital for three days. I don’t think I actually got up until day 2 and for a good 24 hours I didn’t even get to go to the bathroom on my own. Plus, I wasn’t allowed to actually carry my baby around, I had to wheel him in a bassinet. Meals were all brought to me in bed and I got to sleep a LOT without any duty except breast feeding. This time, I had to be up and riding in a car less than thre hours after having that hole poked in me.

As usual, I digress.

The day after my surgery, my husband and I decided my son would go to the sitter’s and he’d go to work. My best friend was around to check on me if I needed her. Knowing I’d be able to take it easy, I got up and sat at the breakfast table with my son while he ate. I slowly made my way to the table, stuggled to get some toast down and popped my first pill. I leaned my head down on the table and my son said to me, “What’s wrong mama?” I didn’t immediately reply, so he said, “mama sick?” I told him I was. He then repeated my words, “Mama sick.” I shook my head to agree with him. He then asked, “tummy hurt?” I had no idea how he could know the source of my problem, but I told him my tummy did hurt. He then reached his hand over, leaned his head on the table and said, “I wanna hug mama.” It was so sweet!

Over the next few days, he has ben amazingly sweet and patient. He climbs up next to me on the couch, puts my blanket on him and snuggles with me. He brings me books. He tells me he loves me. He reminds my husband that, “mama’s sore.” He’s even started grabbing his little step stool and climbing in and out of his bed to help me change his diapers. And this morning when I was trying to figure out how to get him in his high chair, he went to his room, got his step stool and brought it into the dinning room. The whole time he was singing a song from The Wonder Pets, “What’s gonna work? Teamwork.” He put the stool next to his chair, and climbed right in.

Tonight though, he reached the height of sweetness. Along with the pain in my abdomen, one side effect of the surgery is shoulder pain. It seems the CO2 gas they pump in to help them get the gallbladder out can lodge in the shoulder and cause really bad pain. It comes (and goes) without warning and can be really awful. Today my pain has been pretty tolerable. In fact, I even went out to my favorite cafe for about an hour with two of my friends. I’d only taken one pain pill and I was really feeling great. Then the shoulder pain hit. It was the worst one so far.

I tried to lay down to alleviate the pain and it didn’t work. It hurt so badly I started crying. My husband immediately asked what was wrong and my son slid off his lap and came right over to me. He asked, “what’s wrong mama?” I told them both how much I was hurting and my husband offered to rub my shoulder. Massage and heat are supposed to help. While he did, my son crawled up next to me, looked up at me and said, “can I rub mama?” He then started slowly rubbing my arm. He kept looking at me, asking if he could rub and asking how I was. We sat there for a good 10 minutes, him gently rubbing my arm and looking up at me with concern.

Tonight was the first time I’d attempted his regular bedtime routine with him. My husband has been doing it all. But tonight my son sat very still, let me read him books and just snuggled with me. He climbed down and climbed in to bed on his own and gave me lots of kisses.

I’m not sure what I’ve done to deserve him, but he is the sweetest little boy ever.


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