Where the f*@$! are they?

I have lost my keys. Normally this isn’t cause for real upset or tears. I’ve misplaced them before. Sometimes it takes me a few minutes to find them, once it even took me three different searches and nearly 20 minutes, but in the end, I always find them. I think this might be the real thing though.

I started looking for my keys over an hour ago. I have looked over every square inch of this place (except for my son’s room). So has my husband. I’ve been down on my stomach with a flashlight, peering underneath the coffee table, couches and entertainment center. I took the same flashlight and ran it underneath my bed and my dresser. I cleaned out my car and dug under the seats. I went out onto the back patio, even though there are like five things on the patio and it’d be impossible to miss them.

I’ve been over and over in my mind, trying to remember exactly where I went at every moment this weekend. Not that it was any help. The last time I know I had them was Saturday around 11:30.

I made my aunt comb through her SUV. She made her husband do it twice more. I even called the only two places I went. No dice.

Missing keys would not be h HUGE problem, except that one of the keys on that chain happens to be the key to my fireproof safe. Again, this wouldn’t be a HUGE problem, except that in that box is my passport, which I’m going to need on Friday in order to board the plane to London.

It also just generally upsets me. I can be forgetful every now and then, but never over something so important. The thought of having to get copies of all my keys is horrid. Especially since I’ll have to go to the dealership and get a copy of my key. It is all sorts of fancy and needs to be made special. Not to mention that I have all my school keys on it as well. So I’ll have to ask my principal for a new set. Grr!

So keep your fingers crossed that I actually find them.



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3 responses to “Where the f*@$! are they?

  1. Jim

    Car keys go down the hole!

  2. Richard

    They were in her purse.. (for cryin’ out loud)

  3. beetqueen

    Smushed way down into a part of my purse I never put them.

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