London calling

So I’ve been cleared for take-off. I mean that in a very literal sense as my husband and I set off for London on Friday, and at my post op appointment this week, the doc said I was good to go.

Well, those might not have been his exact words, but I do know he did not mention my recovery (it’ll be two weeks tomorrow) as “freakish,”* but rather, excellent. He was very happy with the progress I’ve made. I gave up pain killers after a week, have been up and walking (although slowly at first) and have had little pain from the surgery and so far none of my pre-surgery gallbladder issues.

It’s been nice not waking up nauseated or getting sudden, inexplicable stomach cramps and having to rush for the bathroom. I could get used to this.

Although, I’ll admit I was a bit worried the surgery might be useless. My doc reminded me that my symptoms weren’t classic gallbladder and while it was low functioning, it was kind of on the bubble. He thought the surgery would probably fix things, but I could tell he wasn’t completely convinced. I guess the pathology report backed everything up. My gallbladder was chronically inflamed, so getting it out was good and probably will solve things. The fact that I didn’t let it go too long is probably why I didn’t have as many symptoms (or as horribly bad) as my bff. Thankfully all her pain made me look into mine sooner.

I was also a tad bit worried about the possibility of blood clots, since the flight to London is 8 hours or so, but he told me not to worry. I’ve been doing so well that as long as I get up and move every now and again, I’ll be fine. He’s not at all concerned with clots.

This makes me happy, as I’ve got 8 days in London, including two shows at the Globe planned (As You Like It and Romeo and Juliet). The London junket is actually part of a fellowship to study Shakespeare, which I’m pretty darn excited about. It’s the fourth grant I’ve written and recieved in the last year and by far the most exciting (others were for technology and books). My mother-in-law helped set up the trip and in addition to our shows we are staying in a 4 star hotel (for amazingly little) and having a complimentary bottle of champagne in the gardens of a really ritzy hotel. Other than that, I’m going to just take it at a leisurely pace.

I do get to explore the Globe archives and that is very exciting to me. They have every production ever done at the theater on DVD, so I can watch anything I want. Kind of cool, huh?

My only real concern is that we’ll be away from our son for 8 days. That’s going to be tough. He’ll be staying with my folks and while they adore him, it’s been a long time since they’ve had such a little guy around. I’ll be calling every day (although not for long at 99 cents a minute). I know they’ll do everything they can for him, but I worry he won’t be on his regular schedule, or in his own bed. I know he’ll miss us.

Last year when we went away for four days, the day we got in he just about climbed out of my aunt’s lap and launched himself at us upon our return. He would not stop clinging to me, even to give my husband a kiss.

I’ll be odd not to read him stories, or sing him songs or kiss him before he goes to bed. I think it will be good for my husband and I to have some grown up time alone, but I’ve just gotten so used to being a mom.

*My bff, who had the same surgery, is still having issues after six months. When she complained to her doctor and mentioned my seemingly smooth recovery, she claims her doc said my recovery was freakish. Although she admitted that may have been a kindness to make hers seem a little less, well, freakish. I blame her inferior red-headed genes.


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3 responses to “London calling

  1. 1. I’m so happy you’re doing so well. It is kind of freakish, but your bff and I had predicted you’d do exactly this well. From the girl we knew in high school who’d weep over a scratch you’ve grown into quite the ultimate warrior over the last few years. It’s almost like you were kidnapped by the Canadian military, experimented on, and given super-healing powers and perhaps an adamantine skeleton. Wait! Are you Soldier X?

    2. Good luck on your trip I can’t wait to hear all about it when you get back.

    3. In regard to phone calls. Have you a) looked into turning your cell phone on to international coverage? Depending on your length of service you might be able to extend some of your services (discounted nights and weekends etc) you just need to call your service provider and tell them what you’re doing. or b) buying pre-paid international phone cards. Look for them in the Tienda/Taquerias down the the street. Seriously. Some of them have pretty decent international rates on them.

  2. missanthropy

    I’m jealous. Not of your surgery (although, perhaps, your speedy recovery), but the fact that you get to go to London for eight days. My last “vacation” was two days in Chicago two years ago where I got stuck in traffic the whole time and a trip to IKEA turned into getting lost at the airport. I don’t know how we managed to get to the airport, considering we drove there.
    Have a great time!

  3. beetqueen

    I don’t think I ever wept over a scratch. A splinter was an entirely different matter though. I still don’t like needles, but I mostly just tense up and cringe rather than starting the water works.

    And yes, I am Soldier X, so don’t piss me off buddy!

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