Look how British I am

In addition to all the fun I had on my trip to England, I also have some acomplishments I’m really proud of.

-I climbed the 139 steps at the Covent Garden tube station. I’ll be honest, this was sort of an accidental choice. I didn’t see the sign with the number of steps until I had already passed the really crowded lines for the lifts and had my foot on the first one. Now, for people in shape 139 steps may not seem like much, but I am far from it, and that many steps, in a circular pattern, definitely winded me. I made it to the top, just barely, but I did manage to pass up a teenage girl who weighed at least 40 pounds less than me. Yeah for me.

-I took sips of every different beer my husband drank without wincing or making any sort of face. I am not a beer person, but as England is known for its pubs, I figured I might as well partake, even if it was only in sip form.

-I was allowed to use the archives at the Globe theatre. They only let serious scholars in and my application was taken. globeAs part of my research, I had access to every production the Globe has ever done at the tip of my fingers. Each night of every show was taped, and from multiple angles, so I got to see three different perspectives of the same show. I also got to read every single press release, including many articles by scholars talking about inaccuracies in the shows. I also got to peruse the the costume bible and prompt book, where I found out that one costume for one actress cost 3,300 pounds, and that was back in 1997. And I worried when I spent $30 on a handmade “Elizabethean” dress for a performance of Much Ado I directed.

-I ate steak and ale pie and washed it down with a pint in a pub. And I liked it!

-I gave tube directions to a native Londoner late one night. It turns out I am actually somewhat of a tube savant. No matter where we needed to get, I had no trouble finding it as long as underground transport was in use. Above ground things got murky sometimes, but that is the fault of the city designers–the same road has three or four name changes within six blocks.

-I made it from this quaint little garden to a restaurant and back to the tubegarden despite being amazingly soused after drinking three, count them three, free glasses of champagne-part of a bottle given to us by a friend of my mother-in-law’s.

-Avoided jet lag both on arrival and return. I have a feeling this may be connected to my amazing healing powers, but have no concrete proof. All I know is that with only a small nap (after being up for something like 24 hours), I made it through the evening–true only until 10 pm, and woke up the next morning totally refreshed. On the way home, I woke up at 4 am (and couldn’t go back to sleep) and made it through a flight, a two hour drive to my folks’ and then another three hour drive back home, without even a nap.

-Despite being really tired and knowing there was almost no chance we’d get in, I still decided to give it the old college try and findegg the “egg” building. I was amazingly hungry, but I was a trooper and just kept going. We got there, found out we could not go in, and then walked around looking for a good place to take pics from. Then we got to eat!

-Found an actual cinema using only the tube stop listed in the newspaper. It was several blocks away and I had no actual address, but I found it!

-Did not kill the annoying couple or their two small children who cried/screamed through 6 of the 8 hours we were on the plane on the way home (which is why I got no sleep).

-Made it eight days without seeing my son (except in picture form) and managed to only incredibly miss him!


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  1. congratulations on the beer tasting!

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