Chocolate Monday: Godiva’s Ice Cream Parlor Truffles

DSCI0097I feel I have neglected these truffles. Originally these were going to be the focus of my first Chocolate Monday post, but then I started traveling and finding interesting chocolates on the road, so these got pushed to the side. However, since they are a special release for the summer (and only available until the beginning of September), I thought I’d review them so that anyone who hasn’t tried them yet still has time.

To start this post, I feel I should come clean about something: I kind of have a problem with Godiva chocolate. Problem might not be the right word…addiction might be a better one. Godiva is the chocoltier who taught me to like dark chocolate and actually appreciate hazelnut in all its various (and I do mean various) forms. I have a frequent buyer card, and even though I just started using it, I’ve already more than earned my rewords. There are very few companies I’d be willing to shill for, but Godiva would be one of them. I’ve actually been offered jobs at two different stores by managers because I was helping out prospective customers better than their staff members. It would have been pointless though…I would have eaten my profits.

Now, will this love for Godiva bias my opinion, I hope not. Even though I love what they produce, it’s not so much brand loyalty as it is a real love of the product they produce. At the heart of it, my addiction is to good chocolate. I just happen to think theirs is some of the best I’ve tried.

So, what about the actual collection?

There are six truffles in this new collection. Like all Godiva’s collections, they are sold by individual pieces or in cute little 5 packs. Now, it does seem odd to sell only 5 pieces when the collection has 6, but the mint chocolate chip truffles are so minty that if included in a box with anything else, they sort of over power the other truffles, so they sell the mint ones in their own 5 piece box or separately.

Since I mentioned the mint, why not start there. Visually they are fun to look at. They are, well, mint green with a chocolate curly running across them. The scent of mint immediately wafts up. The inside is also a slightly darker green (it looks like it’s been mixed with chocolate) and has tiny brown flecks in it. The actual mint flavor is very refreshing and natural tasting. Think more like th mint from an Andes mint, less like one from a peppermint patty. The mint infused with chocolate is very creamy. I’d had Mexican for dinner that night and this truffle not only was delicious, but also freshened my breathe. It was really enjoyable. I’d give it a 9/10.

The next one I tried was the neopolitan truffle. This had the smooth signature chocolate outside with a bright pink curl of decoration on top. Unlike the picture I’d seen in the Godiva brochure (hey, I said I’m a frequent buyer, so yes, I had the brochure with all their upcoming releases and had been drooling over these for about three months before I got to try them), the inside wasn’t really pink and white. More like a brown and white. Since this is a neopolitan truffle, the white was vanilla. I’m a big fan of Godiva’s regular vanilla truffle. The vanilla in this one was not nearly as creamy or tasty as their regular vanilla, so I was a bit disappointed. Same with their strawberry (the brownish-pink colored part). Their usual strawberry truffle is made with a preserve like filling that I adore. This was a solid strawberry, which was slightly fruity, but honestly tasted a little artificial to me. It was fine, but not particularly ice creamy. I’d give it a 7/10.

Next was the espresso gelato truffle. Right here is where my bias is going to show. I HATE coffee. I also generally dislike coffee flavored things. This truffle is dark chocolate (which is my least favorite chocolate, although I do like Godiva’s). It has a creamy espresso center, which is bitter, just like real espresso. On the plus side, the center was creamy, and I think it does fulfill its place in the ice cream truffle line. But it was so very coffee flavored that just like real coffee, I had to choke it down. If you like coffee, you’ll love it. I was not a fan though. I give it a 2/10.

The hazelnut gelato tuffle was very similar in texture to the coffee one, which makes sense. It was the most plain looking of the truffles, just milk chocolate with a milk chocolate swirl on top. It reminded me of a creamier version of about half of Godiva’s collection (they do like hazelnut). Nothing special. Perfectly good, but nothing that wowed me. I’d give it a 6/10.

Next was the oranges & creme truffle. This is probably the most delicate looking truffle in the bunch. It is a pale orange with a white curl on the top. The creme part is certainly true. The center is definitely creamy and since it’s enveloped in white chocolate, which is, in my opinion, the creamiest of chocolates, it really accentuates it. The orange flavor isn’t over powering, but it isn’t really a natural orange taste. It tastes like candy, slightly artificial. I do like the texture and the blending of the white chocolate with the orange though. I’d give this one a 7.5/10.

I’ve saved the best one for last. The final truffle in this collection is the pecan caramel sundae one. It’s not the prettiest to look at. In fact, it has some pecan chunks sort of haphazardly thrown on top. I’m sure the box they come in is littered with pecan pieces as mine seemed to be missing a couple. Don’t let looks fool you. This truffle is AMAZING! It has a drippy liquid caramel center that beats any other caramel center I’ve ever had in any candy. Even though the pecans are few and far between, they blend perfeclty with the caramel, chocolate and the vanilla. Yes, like the neopolitan truffle, this one is split in half. Half of the inside is gooey caramel and the other half is vanilla. It’s not the same vanilla as the neopolitan though. It’s creamier and liquidier and, well, perfect. This truffle may actually rival the spring raspberry as my favorite truffle ever. It is amazing. It’s like sex, in chocolate form. Magnificent! I give it 10/10!

Overall, I think the collection is fun and worth trying. Since I’m a frequent buyer, I got my 5 piece set for $8 (normally they retail for $10). Don’t forget to add the mint chocolate one since it’s not in the box. I think individually they retail for $2.25 each. I wouldn’t buy the box again, but do plan to go back and stockpile the pecan caramel sundae ones. Must have melty caramel!


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2 responses to “Chocolate Monday: Godiva’s Ice Cream Parlor Truffles

  1. Thanks for review. I will definitely try the Pecan Caramel Sundae! We have similar tastes; I dislike anything coffee flavored as well.

  2. beetqueen

    It is amazing! Enjoy!

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