Chocolate Monday: Betty Crocker Warm Delights

Ok, the thought of microwave cake, doesn’t exactly thrill me. I remember years ago, not too long after we got our first microwave, my mom brought home a packaged cake which promised to have a fresh out of the oven taste, despite never touching the rack. Six minutes or so in the microwave was supposed to bring warm chocolatey cakey goodness to our apartment.

Instead, what it brought us was something brown and chocolate tasting that was rock hard around every edge and soupy in the middle. I was so upset because my hopes were high. Aside from birthdays, my mom didn’t take the time to make cakes (even the cuppy cake variety), but with the promise of mixing in some water and pushing a button, she was suddenly thrilled with the prospect of “baking.” Thankfully my mom learned from it and never bought another one. I went back to just getting cake on my birthday.

My childhood encounter left me so scarred that despite improvements in modern microwave technology, I haven’t fallen for microwave cakes, brownies or other bakery treats. Until last week.

On a whim I grabbed a Betty Crocker Warm Delights Chocolate Molten cake (or some such name). The picture looked good (like they always do) and it promised moist cake with a fudgy center in only minutes. I figured what the heck. The worst thing that could happen is I’d be out a few bucks and have cake batter instead of cake.

To my delight, after only a minute in a half in the microwave, the cake was actually done. And not overdone either. It was, in fact, moist. It was also chocolatey. The fudge I’d “kneaded” for 10 seconds before globbing on top of the batter melted into the cake and was warm and gooey, but in the chocolate lava sort of way I like. It wasn’t too rich. It was just what I needed for dessert.

Now, I’m not saying this is the second coming of baked goods or anything. But it was a blast of chocolate fudgy goodness that was ready in seconds. Sure, if I’d baked a real cake it would have been moister and tastier, but it also would have taken 20 minutes to bake, 30 to cool and 10 more to frost. Compared to the 90 seconds to cook and minute to cool, I’ll compromise a bit on quality.

Plus the portion was so big that I almost couldn’t finish it all…almost. Thumbs up!

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