Chocolate Monday: York Peppermint Patties

Ok, so I know it’s a bit of a cop out. Who hasn’t had a York Peppermint Patty, right? I’m not going to say this isn’t a bit of cheat, especially since I do have tons of neat chocolates, but at this point I’ve hardly tasted any of them yet, so I need a little more time to give a fair evaluation.

In the meantime though, I had to stop at the grocery store to buy a last minute present for my grandmother (she has everything, so I always pick up a plant). As I entered the store, I couldn’t help but notice that there was a large clearance table full of holiday treats at discount prices. As I can’t pass up a tasty chocolate treat when they aren’t on sale, there was no way I could walk past the table and not pick something up.

As soon as I saw the package of peppermint patties, I knew I had to have it. Last week I saw a series of commercials for them and suddenly had a real craving for them. I suddenly had flashbacks to my childhood, begging my mom in the candy aisle for a treat and trying desperately to decide between the York and the Chunky bar. Even as a kid I had a penchant for the “stranger” chocolates. Yeah, I could have gone for the Snickers, but I almost always went for the slightly more exotic choice (including in this was Toffifay).

I don’t usually pick up peppermint patties of any sort. My husband has a real hatred of peppermint, even when combined with something as delicious as chocolate. Since I often like to share my treats with him, I sometimes forgo old favorites so I can share. But this time since I am pregnant and they were on sale, I figured what the heck and grabbed the bag.

As soon as I was in the car, I ripped that bag open. I was a little disappointed that the peppermint filling wasn’t quite as creamy as I’d remembered (or as the commercials made it look). It was definitely refreshing, but in a sort of toothpasty way. I think I was expecting a bit more of an Andes minty taste. I wanted the crispness of mint without the feeling that I just didn’t rinse my mouth all the way out.

The chocolate wasn’t quite as powerful as I remembered. I don’t expect tons from mass produced inexpensive chocolate bars. I know the chocolate is cheaper and not nearly the quality I’m used to, but that usually doesn’t matter to me. I have an amazing soft spot for the cheap chocolatey taste of my youth. I am just as likely to crave the cheap crunch of a Heath bar as I am the gourmet toffee from Vosages Haut Chocolat, even though I acknowledge that one is clearly better than the other.

I won’t say I hated my peppermint patty, but I didn’t love it quite as much as I thought I would. I wanted the bite and excitement of my childhood, but kind of got bitten instead. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll finish off the bag eventually, but it will not be with the initial excitement I had anticipated and I doubt I’ll get another bag again. I’ll probably still grab one if it’s sitting in a candy dish, but I’ll never debate between a York and a Chunky again.

Taste: 4/10

Appearance: 3/10

Value: 5/10


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One response to “Chocolate Monday: York Peppermint Patties

  1. Roxanna

    We must be related! I so relate to everything you have written! I love that Chunky bar! For the holidays, I make my own peppermint wafer. Melt semisweet chocolate and flavor it with either peppermint oil or melted Andes chips. Dip Ritz crackers and chill on wax paper. I store them in a baggie and leave in refrigerator…yum!

    Also, did you know that M & M makes a mint candy? It used to be my favorite, but a couple years ago, they made the pieces bigger and they just don’t satisfy. I used to crave them, but not anymore.

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