A trip to the dentist

Today was my bi-annual trip to the dentist to get my teeth cleaned. Since I’m on Christmas break, I sort of lost track of my days. I thought my appointment was tomorrow, but at about 4:05 today, I realized I had to haul ass to the dentist to make it. I had just enough time to call my husband away from his video game to watch our son so I could head out.

I made pretty good time on my way there. Despite the traffic and my forgetfulness, I was only about 8 minutes late. But, I made sure to call ahead so they knew I’d be late. I hate being late.

Now, I’m not one to get anxious about the dentist. I haven’t exactly had great experiences, but cleanings don’t freak me out, especially since I switched dentists. At my old one my cleanings were done by my actual dentist and I swear, despite being the sweetest (and geekiest) lady in the world, she was a real butcher with those instruments. At my new one I see the hygenist, but it only hurt once, so I was good with that.

But pain wasn’t even the issue today. At least not dental pain. Since I’m 28 weeks pregnant, I was far more worried about the tilting. During my last pregnancy, I had two cleanings, one when I was only about two and a half months along and the other when I was about three weeks from my due date. The first was a breeze. The second was a nightmare. As soon as she tilted that chair back and started room, the room started spinning.

Since I wasn’t as far along this time, I’d hoped it would be easier. And at first, it seemed like it would be. I even warned the hygenist about my last pregnancy cleaning. She was very sweet and asked me to let her know if started feeling at all bad.

She got through the first round of my top teeth before I started feeling woozy. She sat me up and got me a cup of water. I thought I was going to be ok, but about two minutes after she started working again, my world started getting all wonky. This time I felt really hot, so she got me a cool towel to put on the back of my neck. She also sat me up and did the rest of my cleaning standing up. I felt so bad for her because she’d just been telling me about working 12 hour days. She was kind though.

Even sitting partway up, I was feeling bad. I kept trying to shift ever so slightly so that I wouldn’t disturb her work. It didn’t help. I still felt cruddy. I had to make her stop yet again and sit all the way up, taking, quick, breaths to try and get it under control. She only had a little more to finish, so I decided to suck it up. I could tell she was hurrying.

A few minutes later she was done and my dentist took over. He had me sit all the way up, which really made things easier on me. I started to cool down and breathe regularly.

This is just another way in which this pregnancy is kicking my butt.

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