So very sorry I didn’t stop

Today I inadvertently let a hit and run happen. Well, hit and run might be a bit strong. It was more like a bump and run. But still, it shouldn’t have happened.

See, I was in the parking lot of my favorite coffee shop. There are two exits that lead to my house, one that is really close to the intersection and one that is a bit farther away. I got in line behind a black pseudo sporty looking car–ya know, one of those kind of crappy cars that has been souped up to look sort of like the owner lives on the dangerous side and drag races. That car was behind a white Buick. It reminded me a bit of my old car, huge and meant for someone much older than me.

This is usually a pretty quick turn since the there are four lanes cars can technically turn in to and many people want the left turning lane. The white car must have decided to move forward, then thought better of it and stopped short of actually pulling out into traffic. The sporster obviously wasn’t paying attention and instead of breaking in turn, I heard the obvious thump of bumper on bumper.

Now, the white car was stopped and the black car couldn’t have gotten up above 5 mph, so when I looked up, I couldn’t see any damage (aside from what may have been a bumper smudge). I had my son in the car and it was lunch time, so rather than wait around for them to get out, see there was no problem and still wait my turn in line, I pulled out of line and headed for the other exit.

I know if you witness an accident, you should stick around, but there really couldn’t have been damage and my son had already been so patient by sitting at the coffee shop while I hung out with my friends for nearly two hours, so I wanted to get him home so he could run around a bit and burn off some energy before lunch and his nap. Yesterday he laid in bed for an hour and a half before he fell asleep, and in order to keep him from staying up all night, I had to get him up at his usual time, which meant a 45 minute nap rather than a two hour one.

Far to much grumpiness had ensued as a result, and I was not about to let that happen again.

At the other entrance, I was not only the only car waiting to turn, but there were no other cars coming, so I got to pull right out. As I pulled up to the intersection, I glanced over at the “accident” scene. I saw an elderly lady at the wheel. She was glancing over her shoulder looking rather confused. I looked further and saw her equally elderly husband out of his car just standing in the turning lane. Then I saw the black car I had been behind frantically backing up and speeding out of the parking lot toward the far exit (that empties on to another street).

It was at that moment I realized my hurry to get home caused that poor old couple to be victims of a hit and bump. I quickly scanned the back of their car for any damage and saw none (other than the possible bumper marks I mentioned earlier). Not that it mattered though. I felt so bad for the couple, who obviously expected the person who’d hit them to do the right thing and check on them not only to make sure their car was ok but that they were as well.

At this point I was now trapped in my lane and couldn’t get over to talk to them. A few seconds later the gentleman got back in his car and the couple tore off in the same direction the driver who’d hit them had (and she really did speed off, maybe in an attempt to catch up).

Still, I felt bad. When I left the line, I never thought for a second the other car would take off. I made the mistake of assuming that because I’m a good person who would NEVER hit someone and at least check to make sure everything was ok, that the person in front of me was as well. I mean who hits an old couple and doesn’t take a few minutes to check that they are ok? Heck, who hits anyone and doesn’t check on them?

I was left feeling I need to start memorizing the license plate numbers of the cars in front of me just in case I happen to be in the same situation again. It just burns me up that some people are such bad human beings with no respect or concern for their fellow man.

I hope that old couple did catch up. I hope grandma hit the gas and knocked right into that jerk. I hope grandpa grabbed the tire iron and went all medieval on his driver’s side door.

I at least hope he got a speeding ticket trying to get away.

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