Chocolate Monday: Lindt Lindor Truffles

So I had a bad day. A really, really bad day. The kind of day that makes one contemplate giving up their job, selling all their possessions and becoming a tramp, riding the rails and eating beans out of a can. Ok, maybe not quite that bad, but it was the kind of day that made me cry, a lot.

One of my dear friends and co-workers, realizing my pain, came to school the next day with a pretty little plant and a bag of Lindt Lindor Truffles. She knows my chocolate philosophy: chocolate makes everything better. Not great, but at least better.

I see these truffles all the time. I’ve always been tempted to buy a handful when I’m checking out at Borders. They have about half a dozen flavors in single serving sizes in colorful bins by their registers. Loving chocolate as much as I do, I’m not really sure why I haven’t grabbed them before.

So, since I was in a pretty foul mood and feeling a bit sorry for myself, I cracked open the bag and dug in.

When I unwrapped the first truffle, I was a bit surprised. They were not pretty to look at. Now, I’m not saying all chocolate needs to be some sort of work of art, but I’m used to truffles that have some sort of swirl or flair that make them a bit more distinctive from other types of chocolates. Most eem to even have a signature of sorts based on their companies.

These, however, had wrapper marks like many mass produced candies. They almost looked like they’d melted to wrappers a bit. They weren’t super appetizing to look at, but neither is a Hershey bar, but when I need a chocolate fix, it’ll do.

It wasn’t only their appearance that made them different from most other truffles I’d eaten. These chocolate orbs were light, fairly hollow in the middle, which isn’t something I’m used to in a truffle. They also didn’t really a truffle texture in the middle–more like a regular ball of hollow chocolate, just a bit thicker.

There were three flavors in this package: milk, dark and white. The milk chocolate one reminds me of a Hershey bar, which is a fine chocolate taste, but not one I associte with truffle. Lindt does have a slightly flakey textrue, which also isn’t something I associate with a truffle.  To me, truffles should be solid and even a bit fudgy in texture. This one had a slightly sugary after taste, which made my teeth hurt just a little.

The dark chocolate piece isn’t as bitter as many dark chocolate pieces. It also doesn’t look like dark chocolate unless it is opened up right next to the milk. The difference in hue is so slight that I thought I was eating the milk chocolate piece and found it odd it had a slightly bitter after taste I’m not fond of. It was definitely less bitter than other dark chocolates I’ve tried, but believe it or not, the lack of bite to it actually made me care less about it. I can admire a dark chocolate that smacks me in the face and declares, “yes, I am dark chocolate, eat me and cringe a bit.” This one had no real attitude even to admire. It was just, well, blah.

The white was very creamy and my definite favorite. It had a very buttery taste and fell apart very easily in one bite. The flavor was strong, but reminded me a bit of one of my favorite candy bars from childhood: Hershey’s Alpine White bar, just sans the slightly crunchy nuts. It’s not that it’s bad chocolate, it just seemed very ordinary. True, these are standard flavors without any real flair, but I feel like why bother?

The back of bag says they’ve been making chocolates for 160 years and they are master Swiss chocolate makers. It does kind of melt in my mouth like the bag claims, but it also started melting on my fingers pretty quickly. While I appreciated the kind thought of my friend, I’ll admit I didn’t finish the bag (which isn’t really like me).


Taste: 3/10 (white chocolate does get a higher 5/10)

Appearance: 3/10 (wrappers do add a little pizzazz 5/10)

Value: 4/10 (not that expensive, but over-rated for what you get)



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3 responses to “Chocolate Monday: Lindt Lindor Truffles

  1. greenbatter

    I’ve got something to inform you with. Lindor Truffles are my FAVORITE chocolate and it so sucks that for the Easter limited edition, they completely changed it from scracth exept for leaving green. It really sucks. Go to “Greenbatter” to learn more about the history of the package.

  2. ashley

    I LOVE these chocolates! However, it sounds to me like you got a “bad” bag as I call it. I have bought a couple of these that were “hollow” in the middle and have “wrapper marks” these do not taste anything like the good ones!As a matter of fact, I have a bag of these sitting in my kitchen and I refuse to eat them! When u get a good bag and open one up, it doesn’t have ANY wrapper marks! Its a perfect smooth circle. When u bite into it, the middle will be very very soft and it literally melts in your mouth!I suggest u buy a couple of the single ones u were talking about! Trust me, u will see a HUGE difference! I’m not quite sure what causes these “bad” bags, to me they taste old…

  3. beetqueen

    From the way you describe it, it sounds like I did get a bad bag. A friend recently gave me a few single ones, so I plan on giving Lindor another try. My husband tried a white chocolate and a peanut butter one and really liked them, so I too will give them another go around.

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