Chocolate Monday: Albanese Confectionary Company

Yeah, I know I’ve already written a post about this company before, but for Christmas my folks got me a one pound box. Since I had so many goodies to try and no map to follow, I figured I might as well try each and every tasty morsel and report my findings back to you dear readers. Who knows when you might find a box in a pretty package under your tree?

Now, this box was absolutely crammed full of chocolates. I’ve gotten assorted boxes from other companies and they are never quite this full. I think a full review of every single piece might be more than anyone’s up for reading, but I will focus on the best (and worst) pieces in the box.

My favorite pieces were the vanilla buttercreams, their version of the Turtle, toffee, the caramels and the coconut haystacks. I’ve already reviewed the vanilla buttercreams in an earlier post, so I’ll start off with their version of the Turtle. I get really uppity about these particular pieces. These were a nice blend. None of the flavors were overpowering. They caramel in them were chewy, but not sticky at all. They also weren’t huge, like many companies make them. These almost seemed like a trial sized version, which I think is what makes them so tasty. If they were larger the nuts might have been overpowering.

The toffee pieces had bits of nuts on the top. The toffee was thick with hints of almonds in it. It wasn’t overly sweet like some toffees are. It was a real crispy toffee, more like a Heath than a Skor bar and although I like them both, I definitely perfer the Heath variety. This piece was a bit like a super stacked Heath.

Much like the caramels in the “turtle,” the caramel inside was creamy. It was also a bit stringy and gooey, which made it delicious. The box had both a milk and dark version. I’m definitely a bigger fan of the milk version, but that shouldn’t surprise anyone who reads this blog. The dark chocolate is a tad bitter, but the sweetness of the caramel does help temper it.

The coconut haystacks came in both milk and white versions. The milk version was my favorite, but I also thought the white one was good. It was basically a big cluster of toasted coconut mixed in with the chocolate, then dropped and cooled. They definitely shouldn’t be eaten if they’ve been in the fridge, as they may tear up your teeth and gums. When they are at room temperature though, they are quite good. I think the toasted coconut really makes these pieces. They have just a slight hint of something smokey, which makes them yumz!

My least favorite pieces had to be the jelly piece, regular buttercream, the fudge/caramel hybrid, and the dark chocolate toffee. I’ll go from best to worst here. The best of these four pieces was the regular buttercream. I was a bit nervous at first because I thought it was going to be a lemon cream. AS much as I adore actual lemons (yes, I just eat ’em the same way I eat oranges), as a rule I’m not a fan of fruit creams. So I was relieved when I bit in to this one and got no hint of lemon. What I did get was creamy and sugary and tasted heavily of butter. It wasn’t exactly bad, but it hurt my teeth after one bite.

Unlike the milk toffee, the dark one had a really thick layer of dark chocolate on top. It was actually too thick to make it tasty. The toffee was completely overpowered by the bitter dark chocoalte. The milk chocolate helped sweeten the toffee flavor. When it was covered in dark chocolate, the toffee was dull and not ery buttery at all. A real let down for me.

The fudge/caramel hybrid (not sure what it’s actually called) was, well, odd. The caramel part tasted chalky. It really needed to be creamier. After the great caramels I’d had earlier in the box, this was a real let down. The fudgey part was fine, but nothing special. The dark chocolate that covered it though, was not great. The combination just wasn’t tempting. I did finish the the piece, but only barely.

The one piece, however, that made me actually made me cringe was a sort of chocolate covered jelly. My only real thoughts were: “Ick! Ick! Ick! Get it out of my mouth!” Biting into it totally freaked me out. I wasn’t expecting it to be squishy. I couldn’t discern the flavor of the jelly, but that might have been because I could only stomach one bite before the texture grossed me out entirely. I’m not sure why anyone would ever, ever want to eat these pieces and if I ever get a box again, I will nibble each piece extra carefully to make sure I never have to put one of these in my mouth again. Yeah, I hated it that much!

For those interested, the other flavors in the box include a few truffles (milk, chocolate, cherry  and white), chocolate creams, maple creams, mint, chocolate covered cherries and peanut butter.  I couldn’t find the exact box I  bought online, which makes sense since it was one of their Christmas packages, but considering how many pieces I got, the price is really low.


Taste: 7/10

Appearance: 5/10

Value: 8/10

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