T-minus 7 days until baby time!

Pfffewww…my maternity leave can finally start. I mean, sure, technically it started on Friday at 3:05 pm when I left school, but since I just finished all the grading I had to do to finish out the current grading period, I feel I can give a deep sigh and maybe actually focus on, well, being off work. Granted, I have to actually go in to work on Thursday to enter my grades into the electronic gradebook since I can’t do that from home, but then, yes, then, my maternity leave will begin.

This pregnancy has been, well, difficult. I know I haven’t blogged about it much at all, but to be quite honest, I’ve been too damn tired to. Not that I haven’t complained to anyone I’ve seen who wants to ask, but sitting down to take the time to type out any updates or comments is just too much.

I didn’t blog at all during my first pregnancy because I hadn’t discovered the blogosphere yet. This time though, I’ve just been so preoccupied with everything else in life, that my pregnancy has been a bit on the back burner. I know my gianormous stomach would seem to prove otherwise, but I usually start yawning around six and don’t stop until I crash out around 10.

For the most part, this pregnancy has been pretty darn uneventful. I had some wicked morning sickness my first 14 weeks or so, but managed to keep my 10 year record in tact: I never puked. Yup, made it through two pregnancies without even coming close to hurling once. The first time, I only had about three days where I was even concerned. This time around, I was on the verge about three times daily, but thanks to ginger chews and Preggy Pop Drops, I made it through with my stomach lining in one piece. This time I didn’t have the previa, the terrible dizzy spells, blackouts or an amazingly painful ache in my leg/thigh that made every single movement I made send shivers of pain all over me. Honestly, this time my biggest complaint is simply wanting a nap….or maybe five.

I know a HUGE part of that exhaustion can be attributed to my three year old, who pretty much wakes up and goes to sleep talking. He’s like the Energizer bunny of toddlers. He just keeps going…well after I want to drop. Not only is it constant movement with him, but he’s sharp as a whip and NEVER forgets or misses anything. Tell him in the morning he will get to play with his sidewalk chalk as soon as the rain clears and the sun is out, and sure enough, three days later when it happens, he reminds me.

To make matters worse, this has been the most stressful year of teaching I’ve ever had. Even my first year of teaching when I was hired 11 days before school started, had never taught any of the classes I’d be getting and had 20 textbooks for 40 kids, I didn’t feel this level of stress. And no, it’s not just because I’m preggers.

This year I’ve moved rooms not once, but twice, and both times with less than 48 hours notice. Books were lost over the summer and because of budget cuts, paper was in such short supply, I couldn’t even copy materials from my book until the books could be re-ordered. The temperature was so cold in my room that even wearing long sleeves and two hoodies, I froze. Someone decided to vandalize my room, in what can only be referred to as  an inhuman way. The school is under construction, so electronics randomly go down, loud crashes make us jump in the middle of tests and there is a stench that sometimes fills the halls that makes it hard to breathe. New classes to prep for and the constant worry about new budget cuts coming down the line, which make for an amazingly tense environment in the building (especially when RIFs are announced).

Oh, and I’m pregnant.

But not for much longer…in just 7 days, my little girl will make her way into the world, and all the stress and exhaustion will be worth it. Oddly, I’m not nearly as nervous this time around as I was last time. I know it’s in part because I’ve done this once before, but I honestly think that being at home with a newborn and a toddler (who is still going to the sitter’s house until the end of the school year) is going to be less exhausting and stressful than teaching this year. It’ll be like an early vacation.


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