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Chocolate Monday: SweeTies

The other day, my BFF told me about a new sweet shop that had opened up not too far from our neighborhood. Never one to turn down something sweet, we hoped in her car and headed over.

SweeTies is located in a fairly busy little shopping center. From the outside, it probably wouldn’t have caught my attention. Inside though, it is decorated in the fairly trendy chocolate brown and pink combo. It’s very girly and felt really comfy.

The menu consists of cakes, pies, cookies, ice cream, cheesecakes, brownies, smoothies, muffins and chocolates. According to their website, everything is handmade by the owner and her family members. All of the treats looked amazing. The plates of cupcakes were huge and tasty looking. The cookies were the size of small dinner plates. I didn’t look at the flavors of ice cream because something else had caught my eye: the chocolates. They were beautiful, little works of chocolate art. At first glance they reminded me of Godiva’s G-Collection or Ethel M’s gourmet chocolates. One glance and I was hooked.

I bought a dozen chocolates to try at home and one cupcake to eat at the store. The cupcake was Carmel Apple. The cake was moist and had real chunks of apples in it, which reminded me of my favorite flavor of oatmeal. The icing was piled high, which made it a bit hard to eat. I found myself dredging my finger through the frosting and licking half of it off before I could even attempt to really eat the cupcake. The icing was also hard to eat because it was cream cheese based, which meant it slid around a bit. I don’t mind a challenge when the food tastes good, and the icing was tasty. Actually, the whole cupcake was top shelf.

The cupcake got me psyched for the chocolates. I figured that since the cupcake looked so pretty and tasted so great, the chocolates had to as well. I was, however, a bit disappointed.

First off, the box didn’t fit the chocolates. They slid all around and dumped out, even though I tried hard to be very careful with them. Still, this was a small thing. The important part here is the taste, right? But I should have known the box was a bad sign.

The first candy I tried was an orange truffle. It was cute. There was a white chocolate shell with powdered sugar all over it, which added to its appeal. I was very excited to pop it in my mouth, but was upset to find it wasn’t very sweet. The center was creamy, but didn’t have much actual orange flavor. It was decent, but more of a generic sweet than anything citrusy. Still, I didn’t give up.

Next I grabbed the apricot. It was even prettier to look at. With a chocolate shell that looked like it had been airbrushed with a bright orange, it had a very artistic look. Unlike the orange, there was a definite citrusy taste to it. It wasn’t quite the citrus of fruit though. It tasted a bit artificial. The milk chocolate was a good pairing with the filling. My tasting seemed to be looking up.

Then things took a horrible turn. One of the pieces I was very excited about was a white chocolate heart which was labeled as key lime. Key lime is one of my favorite flavor pairings with chocolate. My mouth always starts to water before I even take a small bite of Godiva’s key lime truffle. Key lime pie is a favorite dessert. This, however, was not key lime. It was a monstrous pairing of white chocolate and little bits of lime hard candy. It was a bit like a Life Saver chopped up and wrapped in white chocolate. It was not only overly sweet, but confusing to my taste buds. I wasn’t sure if I should chew it or suck on it. Life Savers aren’t chocolate coated, and it turns out there is a good reason for that. I was not at all a fan of this one.

My first heart experience made me quite scared for the other heart piece I had. It was also white chocolate and had a little purple color to the center. Precariously, I took a bite. It might have been the smallest bite of chocolate I’ve ever taken. I was relieved to see this one was a filled chocolate. It had a two layer filling. The bottom tasted a bit like raspberry jam. The white chocolate was a bit think and took away from the tart of the raspberry. As a result, it just tasted sweet, withouth the bite I love in raspberries. White chocolate and raspberries can be a good pairing, but here it was just ok.

I had two spiced truffles. Unfortunately, I’m not sure what the spices actually were. One I know was cardamom, I’m just not sure which one it was. They looked fairly similar and by the time I ate them, I couldn’t remember which flavors I’d ordered. Even if I had, I wouldn’t have remembered which was which. They both tasted a bit like gingerbread. The fillings were smooth and creamy. They were also a bit peppery. I liked them both, but they didn’t have a distinct taste that stood out to me.

The rest of my truffles were fruit filled. Although I’m not quite sure which fruits. One was definitely cherry. I remembered the look of this piece, so I knew what I was getting when I popped it in my mouth. The darker chocolate was a bit bitter, but the cherry inside was tasty; not overly sweet or sour, just a smooth, fruity filling.

A similar tasting piece had a center with a little bit of jam or jelly on top. I wasn’t sure if it was raspberry, strawberry or cherry though. Once again the chocolate was a bit bitter, but it was creamy and the fruit, whatever it may have been, balanced well with it.

My favorite piece was the lemon truffle. It looked almost identical to the orange one, however, it had a slightly yellow tint (the other had an orange one). The powdered sugar actually tasted a bit lemony. It was sweet and tart, which thrilled me. It tasted a bit like lemon meringue pie, but without that nasty meringue. The chocolate shell was thin, which meant more room for the lemony inside. A real plus in my opinion, and a truly good piece of chocolate.

Overall I felt let down by the chocolates. I really wanted to like them since they were so pretty to look at. With the exception of the key lime heart, not one of the chocolates was bad. They just weren’t spectacular. I’ve had far better chocolates for about the same price at several other chocolate shops, so I don’t imagine I’ll go back for the chocolates. The cake, however, that’s a different story!


Chocolate Taste: 5/10, Cupcake Taste: 8/10

Chocolate Appearance: 9/10, Cupcake Appearance: 9/10

Chocolate Value: 5/10, Cupcake Value: 8/10

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Need a little naptime help here

Yesterday I took my little darling in for her one month check-up. Per the usual routine, we talked about eating habits, pooping habits, and of course, sleeping habits. My doc was ok with how much she was sleeping at night (par for the miserable course) and glad she was napping, but not so glad with where she was napping: in my arms. Well, not just in my arms. She also naps in her buzzy chair and in the car seat, but I didn’t mention those places. The look I got when I mentioned my arms was enough to shut me up.

Yeah, that’s right, I got in trouble.

Here’s the thing: I know I shouldn’t let my daughter use me as her personal pillow, but it’s just so hard not to. I mean first off, she’s adorable and snuggly when all curled up on my chest. Second, I get to snooze just a tad when she does it. Oh, and most important, she actually sleeps that way. When I try to put her in her bassinet to nap, no dice. Sure, she sleeps just fine there at night, but somehow mix in a little daylight and she’s not having it.

Ok, I tell my doc, I’ll do my best to knock it off. However, what do I do to get her to sleep and not scream herself hoarse in the process? All the books say she’s too young to just cry it out and I’m not super big on the tough love…at least not at one month. She suggested putting her in the bassinet before she’s asleep. Ok, tried that. Worked for about 10 minutes. So, I tried putting her in when she’s asleep. Also worked for about 10 minutes.

We did this little song and dance of me knowing she was sleepy (she was yawning like a fiend), putting her down, her acting like she was asleep, then waking up when I’d snuck out of the room and sat down at the computer. I tried this today for nearly an hour. I’d let her cry just a bit, hoping she’d go back to sleep on her own, before I went in to calm her down and get her all sleepy again.

Finally I gave up. I had to run some errands anyway, so I strapped her in the car seat and headed out. When I got home, she was sleeping, so I figured I better let sleeping babies lie. And that’s what she’s doing now…sleeping in her car seat.

I hate that she’s doing that. I want her to nap in the right place. I know it will help me establish good routines and get her to sleep more at night. I just don’t know how to do it. Especially when I have my doc telling me she shouldn’t be awake for more than two hours at a stretch. Ok, so how do I do that?

I have no answers here, so if anyone in the blogosphere has some, let me know. (And no, to my friends who have no kids, strapping her into the bassinet or turning the monitor off and cranking up my iPod aren’t options).  I know somehow we will get her there. Afterall, my 3 year old naps just fine in his bed, but I’d like to get her on the right track and sleeping peacefully soon.

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Chocolate Monday: Otis Spunkmeyer Cookies

Not much good comes from Florida…at least not in my experience. Sure, I love Disney World as much as the next person, but aside from that,  I hold no love for the place. I spent six months teaching in Florida and it was one of the worst experiences of my life. My kids were rotten, unmotivated and some of the dumbest I’d met. They made my life pretty miserable. The only real good that came out of that experience was the band fundraiser.

No, I wasn’t a band director, but as I do for all student fundraisers, I bought from the first kid who asked me. One of my students came around peddling cookie dough. I almost turned him down. After all, a few weeks before I’d bought a tub from another group and it was mediocre to say the least. It was nice when I had it at school as I grabbed a spoon and dished some out on my break, but when I actually went to bake it, the cookies came out a bit crispier than I like and they tasted heavily of artificial peanut butter flavoring.

But, I am not one to turn down a student trying to raise funds (or a chance for something sweet), so I ordered one tub of turtle cookie dough. If I’d ever had Otis Spunkmeyer cookie dough before, I wasn’t aware of it. I was, however, excited by the fact that these cookies actually looked like cookies. They were in pre-cut cookie shapes, which made them easy to cook and even easier to eat without cooking. The tub had 36 little round cookies-to-be and I think I might have baked a dozen of them. The rest I ate right from the tub, frozen.

I actually loved them so much, the next day I went straight to the band teacher to see if there were any left. Luckily she had a few more and happily sold another two tubs to me. I was in heaven.

When I moved back home and got a new teaching gig, one of the first things I investigated was how to sell those amazing cookies for my group. With only a few clicks of the mouse, I found them, and my life had new chocolatey meaning. Sadly, they only carried the turtle cookie dough for the first two years I taught. They discontinued them (at least in the fundraising brochures) because people complained they were too messy.

 They were pretty messy when baked. The bits of caramel which just started to get melty on my fingers when I ate them from the tub, melted right on to the cookie sheet and not only made clean up hard, but also made the cookies break apart when I tried to pry them off. I usually got cookie bits rather than cookies, so I ate them frozen instead.

The most recent round of fundraising at my school found me once again buying six tubs of dough. This time I grabbed some Chocolate Chocolate Chunk, Triple Chocolate Chunk and White Chocolate Macadamia Nut. I also snagged an oatmeal raisin for my husband (ok, I won’t lie, I like them too). But since those don’t have chocolate, I’ll skip them for this review.

First up, the Chocolate Chocolate Chunk, so called because it is an actual chocolate cookie with white and milk chocolate chunks in it. Taste wise it reminds me a bit of a brownie. I’m sure it’s the fact that it is a chocolate cookie. When baked according to directions, it is a soft, chewy cookie (even after four days–I just had another one to check). Unlike a brownie, it’s a thin cookie, which usually equals crunchy, but not in Otis’s world. These cookies are so chewy that like the turtle variety, they tend to fall apart when eaten (but after they come off the cookie sheet). Even the edges on these cookies are soft, which is the way I prefer em. Because of the extra chocolate cookie dough, these are really rich cookies. A glass of milk really helps wash them down. The white chocolate chunks do help mellow the flavor a bit so they aren’t over powering. They are, however, just a tad bit grainy. But when a cookie is this soft and tasty, I can overlook a little grain.

The next one on my list was the Triple Chocolate Chunk. I actually thought this was going to be the one with the actual chocolate cookie, but it’s more of a glorified chocolate chip cookie. It has the same soft, chewy texture of all the OS cookies I’ve tried. There was a good blend of chips: milk, semi-sweet and white chocolate. It also had chips in every bite, but not so many that I felt overwhelmed. I’m a bit odd when it comes to chocolate chip cookies. I have always liked the actual cookie part so much that I don’t like when my cookies have so many chips all I can taste is chocolate. I especially don’t like it when the chips are giant chunks. That worried me when I first saw the tub, after all, it is labelled as a “chunk.” I think that is a bit of hyperbole. These cookies aren’t chunky at all, so they don’t mess with the texture. The cookie part is quite buttery and I like that. Another success.

The last cookie I tried in this go around is the White Chocolate Macadamia Nut. This one has a very sweet cookie base, almost like a sugar cookie. The nuts are a bit waxy, which I find happens when nuts are put into cookies. As a result, I find they are fairly devoid of any real flavor. Now, this may just be true of macadamia nuts in general. I’ve actually never had one outside a cookie before. The white chocolate chips are perfect in here. They are super creamy and they make the actual cookie part taste creamy. Yet another cookie triumph.

I’ll admit I’m a bit of an OS cookie whore. With the exception of the peanut butter variety (I’m not a huge peanut butter cookie fan in general), if it wasn’t terrible for my waistline, I could probably eat a dozen of these a day. They are small enough that I don’t feel terribly guilty over eating more than one and so tasty that I rarely can stop at one. I actually think I like the Triple Chocolate and Chocolate Chocolate better in their frozen form. The nuts keep me from eating the others frozen. At $15 for a tub of 36, they are about .40 a cookie. I know it seems a bit pricey when compared to store bought cookies, but these are way better than anything the store has to offer and evey better than eating the tube of cookie dough that cute little Doughboy used to dole in my childhood.

Taste: 9/10

Appearance: 5/10 (they are nothing special to look at)

Value: 7/10


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Chocolate Monday: Fannie May Trinidad Eggs

I think I’ve mentioned the bite-sized version of these before, but these versions are much larger, much more fudge filled and as a result, actually have a different taste.

As part of my chocolate obsession, I get catalogs from several different chocolatiers. Although I’ve never actually purchased anything from the catalog directly, I have found myself ordering online or walking into a chocolate shop based on what I’ve seen inside their delectable pages.

When I was younger, I would spend hours pouring over the pages of catalogs, a characteristic I’ve apparently passed down to my son. When the latest batch arrived, filled with Easter goodies, my son grabbed the Fannie May one and took it into the bathroom with him. Every time we would sit on the potty together (he’s still training), he would grab it and flip through it’s glossy pages, pointing out candies he thought he’d like. Since I was in there with him, I also found myself drooling over the pictures.

Even though I’ve tried most of Fannie May’s collection, I found myself yearning for some egg shaped treats. I hadn’t had an Easter basket for decades. The last one was filled with Cadbury eggs (which I can no longer stomach), Robin eggs and those horrid marshmallow Peeps.

I didn’t have any intention of getting myself any sort of Easter treat, but my aunt was stopping by Fannie May and I figured she could pick one up for me without much trouble. She did…well, two actually. So I figured since she brought them to me, I might as well try them, and review them.

They were actually a bit smaller than I expected. I had these visions from my childhood of these giant fudge filled eggs we used to get. I’m not sure who made them or where we even got them from, but they were amazing. Even as a kid, I couldn’t eat one in one sitting. I had to use a knife to cut it into pieces and snack on it over the period of a week or two. The egg I got from Fannie May could easily be eaten in one sitting without even too much guilt, even though you might need some milk to wash it down with.

I’ve always been a fan of the yellow coconut shell Trinidads (and certain FM toffees) are coated in. The tiny bit of coconut adds a nice crunch to the texture of the candy. It also has an almost slightly salty taste which helps balance out the extreme sweetness of the fudgy center.

The problem with this much larger version is that there is so much fudgy center that the candy coating can’t really be tasted. Not only that, but it is so fudgy that it’s hard to eat without that glass of milk I mentioned. The inside definitely has the texture of a fudge or a thick chocolate mousse. It also has a slightly bitter after taste. Not quite the same as most dark chocolates. It’s a bit more like a real chocolate mousse. It turns out I like it much better in the smaller dose the regular Trinidad offers. Same with the candy coating. It’s much better when there is more of it per inch of fudgy center. It has much better balance that way.

After eating one of the eggs, I’ll admit I not only felt very full, but also just a little bit over powered. The sweetness of it put me in a bit of a sugar funk. I didn’t feel sick to my stomach, but it was clear it was too rich and too sweet for me. I definitely didn’t want anything else chocolatey for the rest of the day. I also kind of wanted a nap.

The next time I see one of those catalogs, I think I’ll remember this experience. It wasn’t a bad one, but  not one I’d repeat for the price.


Taste: 6/10

Appearlance: 7/10 (cute little egg shapes)

Value: 5/10

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Baby Bellagio

Three and a half years ago, when I first learned I was having a little boy, I’ll admit I was disappointed. I know every parent says they don’t care if it’s a boy or a girl as long as the baby is healthy, but I’ll admit I really wanted a little girl. Not that I have anything against little boys, especially now that I have one, but I didn’t know how well I’d relate to a boy. Not only am I a girl, but I had a little sister, so I know girl stuff. We played with Barbies and My Little Pony. We wore pink dresses with frills. We put on plays in our backyard and “rocked” out to Tiffany and Debbie Gibson. We drooled over New Kids on the Block and hung up posters from Teen Beat. Girls, I know.

Boys, on the other hand, well, they are still a mystery to me. They like bugs and dirt and farts. All things I dislike. They play with guns and action figures and baseballs. Again, all things I dislike. They teased and tormented me from ages 6-18. Which, I probably don’t need to add, I disliked.

I’ll admit when the ultra sound tech told us it was a boy, I did shed a tear or two. But then I quickly got over it, started picking out names and buying cute (non-sporty) baby boy things and realized that even if I wasn’t going to be able to buy baby dolls and adorable little lacey dresses, I could still dress my infant son in onesies with baby duckies and zoo animals. The moment he was born, any question I had about wanting a little girl went out the window. I adored everything about him, from his slightly big head (my husband’s family all have HUGE heads)  to the tiny toes on his not so tiny feet (again, my husband wears a size 13 shoe).

Still, I did have one major concern about having a little boy: getting sprayed. If movies and TV have taught me anything, it’s that little boys are unpredictable with their bathroom habits. Their little penises are like geysers, just waiting to blow when your guard is down. They even market products like the Wee Block and the Pee-pee Teepee to help combat this problem. I distinctly remember being horrified as Drew Barrymore got a mouthful of urine in the movie Riding in Cars With Boys. I had nightmarish visions of my son’s little wiener going up and moments later realizing I was gargling urine.

Although I didn’t actually buy one of the pee stoppers, I did find myself becoming a master of the quick change. I had the new diaper ready and in a split second yanked the old one away while putting the new one on top of his penis just in case he had the urge to squirt. Miraculously, he never did. That’s right, in three years of diapering my son, I never once had to witness a baby Bellagio. At least not from him. One of my husband’s friends brought his son over for a play date once, and that kid managed to water not only his father, but my son’s changing pad  and the bedroom wall, not once, not twice, but thrice in the five hour visit. When he left my son had nothing on his changing table but a cold plastic changing pad and my washer was running. But my son, not once.

That’s not to say I never would up with urine on me. Sure, he leaked through a diaper or two here and there, but usually he had the good sense to do it when he was laying in his crib or in his car seat, so I rarely felt that oozy warm liquid seep over my clothing.

So imagine my surprise when I went to change my daughter’s diaper and found myself not being sprayed by a geyser, but rather being slowly trickled on like a drinking fountain. Yes, that’s right, I made it three years without getting sprayed by my son, but my daughter has already gotten me three times in her two weeks of life. Ok, in all fairness, the last time she didn’t get me, she got the nurse at the doctor’s office, but you get the point.

The funny part of that was that I had just finished telling the nurse that my son had never sprayed me, but that she’d already gotten me twice, once somewhere between 1 and 2 am, so I was so foggy I wasn’t sure what was happening at first. By the time I’d realized it, everything was soaked and I ended up with a screaming baby because before I could feed her, I had to completely change her and then rub her down with some baby wipes.

The nurse was laughing as I put my daughter on the scale. Seconds after taking her diaper off, she let loose and soaked the entire scale. She also soaked the paper on the exam table when I moved her over to clean her up. So I once again had to give her a baby wipe bath, which only got her ire up.

I guess I should have known I was in for trouble her second day of life when she had her first “dirty” diaper. I heard noises and thought it was safe to change. Little did I know she wasn’t done yet. As I finished cleaning her bottom of that nasty, tar-like meconium, I found a new well of it bubbling up and slowly oozing out to get me. I escaped harm and cleaned her up again, only to be hit a third time. At that point I gave up trying to stop it and just let her soil two diapers.

This one’s gonna be trouble. Yes, she is.

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Chocolate Monday: Paradise Bakery and Cafe

Even though I should have had my fill of cookies last week in the hospital, when I found myself standing face to, well, cookie top with about a dozen different varieties of cookies at Paradise Bakery and Cafe, I felt a little weak in the knees and my sweet tooth kicked in to overdrive. They all looked so tasty; I couldn’t wait to gobble a few up. Luckily my husband took his time joining me, so I could weigh the pros and cons of each type of cookie I wanted to try. I mean sure, I wanted to try them all, but I’m practical. Ok, so I’m not practical, but since I knew I had a fridge full of other goodies to eat, I figured I’d better stop at say, 3 cookies. That’s reasonable, right?

They  had a deal going on, buy two cookies get one free. Well, who can resist that? Especially when my husband also got one as part of his meal, which meant I’d get to try at least four different kinds. They actually had an even better deal going on that I didn’t see until after I’d ordered and paid. Donate a dollar (had to be actual cash) to the charity they were collecting for and you got three cookies. Wish I would have seen it, but either way, I got my cookies, so I was happy.

My first cookie was a bit of a whim: Cake Batter. No chocolate to report on, so I almost hesitate to mention it, but seeing as I did try it, I figured I should put a brief review of it here. It tasted like, well, cake batter. It reminded me of a child’s birthday cake, complete with  colorful sprinkles on the top. It was actually a bit hard for me to eat because it was so very sugary. Not in a sugar cookie kind of way though. Almost in an artificial sugary way. It was, however, very thick and cake like. It seemed like a cookie made from cake batter. While I do love to eat cake batter, I find I can only handle about a beater’s worth before it gets a bit too overwhelming for me. This cookie is probably both beaters, the wooden spoon and the entire bowl that wasn’t cleaned well worth of batter, so after a few bites, I found myself getting a little ill. For once, I have to say, too much sugar.

The second cookie I tried (the next day) was the Red Velvet cookie. Like everything I’ve ever had labelled red velvet, it was shockingly red. It also had a nice dusting of powdered sugar on top, which made it rather pretty to look at. Like so many red velvet concoctions, it was not very chocolatey. It was moist, thick and cakey, similar in texture to the cake batter cookie. The flavor was a bit hard to describe. It almost reminded me of a brownie. Not a super fudgey brownie, exactly, but it had a definite browie after taste. It was decent, but not my favorite of the cookies.

The third cookie I tasted was the Chocolate Coconut Chip. Like the others, it was moist and chewy (even two days later). The coconut was definitely visable, but not very present in the taste, which made me sad since I adore me some coconut. The presence of the coconut seemed to make the cookie a bit chewier than the other two I’d tried. They practically melted in my mouth (and fell apart in my hands), but this one was hardier and took more effort to chew. Not bad, it just needed more of that tasty coconut.

The last one I tried was actually my husband’s cookie, a plain ol’ Chocolate Chip. Nothing fancy here, just a good very chocolatey, thick, full o’ chips cookie. It reminded me of something my mom would have made. A few more chocolate chips than I like in a cookie (I know it’s wierd, but I really like the taste of chocolate chip cookie batter, so when cooked, I LOVE the non-chip parts), but probably my favorite of the four. It was simple, and yet still good. Sometimes it’s best when people get back to the basics. It’s pretty hard to mess up a chocolate chip cookie (although I have been the taste tester for my school’s home ec dept. and boy can some of those kids flub a recipe), and this old standard was well done.

The cookies were pretty good. Not the best I’ve had from a bakery, but it is a chain, so I expect a bit less.


Taste: 7/10

Appearance: 8/10

Value: N/A (I didn’t save the receipt, so I’m not sure how much the cookies cost, but lunch for two was $26, so I’m guessing they were a bit pricey).

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Way too much TV

I forgot just how quiet my house can be. Last week when my daughter was born, my parents came to take care of my son. Since my husband wanted to stay at the hospital with me and we didn’t think it would be a good place for a toddler to hang out, my folks came to meet our newest addition, then took my son home with them. It was really sweet of them to do. Not only did it mean my husband and I would be able to focus on the new baby, but my son also had something really fun to look forward to. He adores my folks and the fact that they have tons of toys (and trains) for him to play with.

We had talked about having him stay until we got used to having the new little one around, but it was all rather indefinite. It wasn’t until my folks showed up at the hospital that I found out they wanted to keep him for over a week. Under the influence of vicodin and a spinal tap, holding a teeny tiny newborn, this sounded like a great idea to me. I’d be able to adjust to her schedule a bit before I’d have to figure out how to juggle both of their schedules together. I also liked the idea of getting lots of snuggling time in with her before the jealousy sank in and I was trying to cuddle both of them.

This, as I’ve said, was under the influence extreme exhaustion and drugs. And before I actually got my little girl home. It turns out that she is a real sleeper. Now, not that I’m complaining. It means I get about three hours of sleep at a time (usually two and a half of these jags each night) and a good nap. It also means that the house is really quiet. Almost too quiet.

I’ve gotten so used to my son’s constant motion and energy, that being alone with my sleeping baby is actually a little unnerving to me. I want some volume. And not just any volume. I want my son asking for a snack or telling me he doesn’t have to potty or even arguing me that the lion is not, in fact a lion, but a puma.

I don’t, however, want to call my folks and beg them to bring him home. I know he’ll be home in two days and I know he’s having fun (today he got to go to the candy store and play with my dad’s trains). Every time I call to talk to him, he’s too busy watching a show, playing on the swing set or going somewhere fun with my dad. He hardly has time to tell me anymore than “bye bye” and “I love you.”

So, I’ve been filling the silence with my old friend TV. The problem, of course, is that daytime TV sucks. So, I find myself watching TV shows I have on DVD. So far I’ve watched the first three episodes of the Tudors (season 3–waiting on the next disk from Netflix), finished season 3 of Angel  (and started season 4) and I’ve sat through about half a dozen old episodes of Bones, The Office and Gilmore Girls. I’ve also watched Public Enemies, Miss Petigrew Lives for a Day and bits and pieces of other movies. Heck, I even found myself watching part of Loverboy today.

Luckily several of my current shows have come out of re-runs and that is nice. I’ve gotten to watch Castle, V, Lost and I think I saw a commercial for a new episode of Bones tomorrow. It does help pass the time, both when she’s sleeping and when I’m breastfeeding. If it weren’t for TV, I think I might be bored to death. I’m just not at all used to the quiet anymore and it’s unsettling.

My son will be home soon and then chaos will no doubt take over. I am sure I will be wishing for the silence and my TV dates. But for now, I just want my little boy home so I can hold my daughter in one arm and wrap my other one around him.

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