Way too much TV

I forgot just how quiet my house can be. Last week when my daughter was born, my parents came to take care of my son. Since my husband wanted to stay at the hospital with me and we didn’t think it would be a good place for a toddler to hang out, my folks came to meet our newest addition, then took my son home with them. It was really sweet of them to do. Not only did it mean my husband and I would be able to focus on the new baby, but my son also had something really fun to look forward to. He adores my folks and the fact that they have tons of toys (and trains) for him to play with.

We had talked about having him stay until we got used to having the new little one around, but it was all rather indefinite. It wasn’t until my folks showed up at the hospital that I found out they wanted to keep him for over a week. Under the influence of vicodin and a spinal tap, holding a teeny tiny newborn, this sounded like a great idea to me. I’d be able to adjust to her schedule a bit before I’d have to figure out how to juggle both of their schedules together. I also liked the idea of getting lots of snuggling time in with her before the jealousy sank in and I was trying to cuddle both of them.

This, as I’ve said, was under the influence extreme exhaustion and drugs. And before I actually got my little girl home. It turns out that she is a real sleeper. Now, not that I’m complaining. It means I get about three hours of sleep at a time (usually two and a half of these jags each night) and a good nap. It also means that the house is really quiet. Almost too quiet.

I’ve gotten so used to my son’s constant motion and energy, that being alone with my sleeping baby is actually a little unnerving to me. I want some volume. And not just any volume. I want my son asking for a snack or telling me he doesn’t have to potty or even arguing me that the lion is not, in fact a lion, but a puma.

I don’t, however, want to call my folks and beg them to bring him home. I know he’ll be home in two days and I know he’s having fun (today he got to go to the candy store and play with my dad’s trains). Every time I call to talk to him, he’s too busy watching a show, playing on the swing set or going somewhere fun with my dad. He hardly has time to tell me anymore than “bye bye” and “I love you.”

So, I’ve been filling the silence with my old friend TV. The problem, of course, is that daytime TV sucks. So, I find myself watching TV shows I have on DVD. So far I’ve watched the first three episodes of the Tudors (season 3–waiting on the next disk from Netflix), finished season 3 of Angel  (and started season 4) and I’ve sat through about half a dozen old episodes of Bones, The Office and Gilmore Girls. I’ve also watched Public Enemies, Miss Petigrew Lives for a Day and bits and pieces of other movies. Heck, I even found myself watching part of Loverboy today.

Luckily several of my current shows have come out of re-runs and that is nice. I’ve gotten to watch Castle, V, Lost and I think I saw a commercial for a new episode of Bones tomorrow. It does help pass the time, both when she’s sleeping and when I’m breastfeeding. If it weren’t for TV, I think I might be bored to death. I’m just not at all used to the quiet anymore and it’s unsettling.

My son will be home soon and then chaos will no doubt take over. I am sure I will be wishing for the silence and my TV dates. But for now, I just want my little boy home so I can hold my daughter in one arm and wrap my other one around him.

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