Chocolate Monday: Paradise Bakery and Cafe

Even though I should have had my fill of cookies last week in the hospital, when I found myself standing face to, well, cookie top with about a dozen different varieties of cookies at Paradise Bakery and Cafe, I felt a little weak in the knees and my sweet tooth kicked in to overdrive. They all looked so tasty; I couldn’t wait to gobble a few up. Luckily my husband took his time joining me, so I could weigh the pros and cons of each type of cookie I wanted to try. I mean sure, I wanted to try them all, but I’m practical. Ok, so I’m not practical, but since I knew I had a fridge full of other goodies to eat, I figured I’d better stop at say, 3 cookies. That’s reasonable, right?

They  had a deal going on, buy two cookies get one free. Well, who can resist that? Especially when my husband also got one as part of his meal, which meant I’d get to try at least four different kinds. They actually had an even better deal going on that I didn’t see until after I’d ordered and paid. Donate a dollar (had to be actual cash) to the charity they were collecting for and you got three cookies. Wish I would have seen it, but either way, I got my cookies, so I was happy.

My first cookie was a bit of a whim: Cake Batter. No chocolate to report on, so I almost hesitate to mention it, but seeing as I did try it, I figured I should put a brief review of it here. It tasted like, well, cake batter. It reminded me of a child’s birthday cake, complete with  colorful sprinkles on the top. It was actually a bit hard for me to eat because it was so very sugary. Not in a sugar cookie kind of way though. Almost in an artificial sugary way. It was, however, very thick and cake like. It seemed like a cookie made from cake batter. While I do love to eat cake batter, I find I can only handle about a beater’s worth before it gets a bit too overwhelming for me. This cookie is probably both beaters, the wooden spoon and the entire bowl that wasn’t cleaned well worth of batter, so after a few bites, I found myself getting a little ill. For once, I have to say, too much sugar.

The second cookie I tried (the next day) was the Red Velvet cookie. Like everything I’ve ever had labelled red velvet, it was shockingly red. It also had a nice dusting of powdered sugar on top, which made it rather pretty to look at. Like so many red velvet concoctions, it was not very chocolatey. It was moist, thick and cakey, similar in texture to the cake batter cookie. The flavor was a bit hard to describe. It almost reminded me of a brownie. Not a super fudgey brownie, exactly, but it had a definite browie after taste. It was decent, but not my favorite of the cookies.

The third cookie I tasted was the Chocolate Coconut Chip. Like the others, it was moist and chewy (even two days later). The coconut was definitely visable, but not very present in the taste, which made me sad since I adore me some coconut. The presence of the coconut seemed to make the cookie a bit chewier than the other two I’d tried. They practically melted in my mouth (and fell apart in my hands), but this one was hardier and took more effort to chew. Not bad, it just needed more of that tasty coconut.

The last one I tried was actually my husband’s cookie, a plain ol’ Chocolate Chip. Nothing fancy here, just a good very chocolatey, thick, full o’ chips cookie. It reminded me of something my mom would have made. A few more chocolate chips than I like in a cookie (I know it’s wierd, but I really like the taste of chocolate chip cookie batter, so when cooked, I LOVE the non-chip parts), but probably my favorite of the four. It was simple, and yet still good. Sometimes it’s best when people get back to the basics. It’s pretty hard to mess up a chocolate chip cookie (although I have been the taste tester for my school’s home ec dept. and boy can some of those kids flub a recipe), and this old standard was well done.

The cookies were pretty good. Not the best I’ve had from a bakery, but it is a chain, so I expect a bit less.


Taste: 7/10

Appearance: 8/10

Value: N/A (I didn’t save the receipt, so I’m not sure how much the cookies cost, but lunch for two was $26, so I’m guessing they were a bit pricey).

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