Chocolate Monday: Fannie May Trinidad Eggs

I think I’ve mentioned the bite-sized version of these before, but these versions are much larger, much more fudge filled and as a result, actually have a different taste.

As part of my chocolate obsession, I get catalogs from several different chocolatiers. Although I’ve never actually purchased anything from the catalog directly, I have found myself ordering online or walking into a chocolate shop based on what I’ve seen inside their delectable pages.

When I was younger, I would spend hours pouring over the pages of catalogs, a characteristic I’ve apparently passed down to my son. When the latest batch arrived, filled with Easter goodies, my son grabbed the Fannie May one and took it into the bathroom with him. Every time we would sit on the potty together (he’s still training), he would grab it and flip through it’s glossy pages, pointing out candies he thought he’d like. Since I was in there with him, I also found myself drooling over the pictures.

Even though I’ve tried most of Fannie May’s collection, I found myself yearning for some egg shaped treats. I hadn’t had an Easter basket for decades. The last one was filled with Cadbury eggs (which I can no longer stomach), Robin eggs and those horrid marshmallow Peeps.

I didn’t have any intention of getting myself any sort of Easter treat, but my aunt was stopping by Fannie May and I figured she could pick one up for me without much trouble. She did…well, two actually. So I figured since she brought them to me, I might as well try them, and review them.

They were actually a bit smaller than I expected. I had these visions from my childhood of these giant fudge filled eggs we used to get. I’m not sure who made them or where we even got them from, but they were amazing. Even as a kid, I couldn’t eat one in one sitting. I had to use a knife to cut it into pieces and snack on it over the period of a week or two. The egg I got from Fannie May could easily be eaten in one sitting without even too much guilt, even though you might need some milk to wash it down with.

I’ve always been a fan of the yellow coconut shell Trinidads (and certain FM toffees) are coated in. The tiny bit of coconut adds a nice crunch to the texture of the candy. It also has an almost slightly salty taste which helps balance out the extreme sweetness of the fudgy center.

The problem with this much larger version is that there is so much fudgy center that the candy coating can’t really be tasted. Not only that, but it is so fudgy that it’s hard to eat without that glass of milk I mentioned. The inside definitely has the texture of a fudge or a thick chocolate mousse. It also has a slightly bitter after taste. Not quite the same as most dark chocolates. It’s a bit more like a real chocolate mousse. It turns out I like it much better in the smaller dose the regular Trinidad offers. Same with the candy coating. It’s much better when there is more of it per inch of fudgy center. It has much better balance that way.

After eating one of the eggs, I’ll admit I not only felt very full, but also just a little bit over powered. The sweetness of it put me in a bit of a sugar funk. I didn’t feel sick to my stomach, but it was clear it was too rich and too sweet for me. I definitely didn’t want anything else chocolatey for the rest of the day. I also kind of wanted a nap.

The next time I see one of those catalogs, I think I’ll remember this experience. It wasn’t a bad one, but  not one I’d repeat for the price.


Taste: 6/10

Appearlance: 7/10 (cute little egg shapes)

Value: 5/10

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