Chocolate Monday: Otis Spunkmeyer Cookies

Not much good comes from Florida…at least not in my experience. Sure, I love Disney World as much as the next person, but aside from that,  I hold no love for the place. I spent six months teaching in Florida and it was one of the worst experiences of my life. My kids were rotten, unmotivated and some of the dumbest I’d met. They made my life pretty miserable. The only real good that came out of that experience was the band fundraiser.

No, I wasn’t a band director, but as I do for all student fundraisers, I bought from the first kid who asked me. One of my students came around peddling cookie dough. I almost turned him down. After all, a few weeks before I’d bought a tub from another group and it was mediocre to say the least. It was nice when I had it at school as I grabbed a spoon and dished some out on my break, but when I actually went to bake it, the cookies came out a bit crispier than I like and they tasted heavily of artificial peanut butter flavoring.

But, I am not one to turn down a student trying to raise funds (or a chance for something sweet), so I ordered one tub of turtle cookie dough. If I’d ever had Otis Spunkmeyer cookie dough before, I wasn’t aware of it. I was, however, excited by the fact that these cookies actually looked like cookies. They were in pre-cut cookie shapes, which made them easy to cook and even easier to eat without cooking. The tub had 36 little round cookies-to-be and I think I might have baked a dozen of them. The rest I ate right from the tub, frozen.

I actually loved them so much, the next day I went straight to the band teacher to see if there were any left. Luckily she had a few more and happily sold another two tubs to me. I was in heaven.

When I moved back home and got a new teaching gig, one of the first things I investigated was how to sell those amazing cookies for my group. With only a few clicks of the mouse, I found them, and my life had new chocolatey meaning. Sadly, they only carried the turtle cookie dough for the first two years I taught. They discontinued them (at least in the fundraising brochures) because people complained they were too messy.

 They were pretty messy when baked. The bits of caramel which just started to get melty on my fingers when I ate them from the tub, melted right on to the cookie sheet and not only made clean up hard, but also made the cookies break apart when I tried to pry them off. I usually got cookie bits rather than cookies, so I ate them frozen instead.

The most recent round of fundraising at my school found me once again buying six tubs of dough. This time I grabbed some Chocolate Chocolate Chunk, Triple Chocolate Chunk and White Chocolate Macadamia Nut. I also snagged an oatmeal raisin for my husband (ok, I won’t lie, I like them too). But since those don’t have chocolate, I’ll skip them for this review.

First up, the Chocolate Chocolate Chunk, so called because it is an actual chocolate cookie with white and milk chocolate chunks in it. Taste wise it reminds me a bit of a brownie. I’m sure it’s the fact that it is a chocolate cookie. When baked according to directions, it is a soft, chewy cookie (even after four days–I just had another one to check). Unlike a brownie, it’s a thin cookie, which usually equals crunchy, but not in Otis’s world. These cookies are so chewy that like the turtle variety, they tend to fall apart when eaten (but after they come off the cookie sheet). Even the edges on these cookies are soft, which is the way I prefer em. Because of the extra chocolate cookie dough, these are really rich cookies. A glass of milk really helps wash them down. The white chocolate chunks do help mellow the flavor a bit so they aren’t over powering. They are, however, just a tad bit grainy. But when a cookie is this soft and tasty, I can overlook a little grain.

The next one on my list was the Triple Chocolate Chunk. I actually thought this was going to be the one with the actual chocolate cookie, but it’s more of a glorified chocolate chip cookie. It has the same soft, chewy texture of all the OS cookies I’ve tried. There was a good blend of chips: milk, semi-sweet and white chocolate. It also had chips in every bite, but not so many that I felt overwhelmed. I’m a bit odd when it comes to chocolate chip cookies. I have always liked the actual cookie part so much that I don’t like when my cookies have so many chips all I can taste is chocolate. I especially don’t like it when the chips are giant chunks. That worried me when I first saw the tub, after all, it is labelled as a “chunk.” I think that is a bit of hyperbole. These cookies aren’t chunky at all, so they don’t mess with the texture. The cookie part is quite buttery and I like that. Another success.

The last cookie I tried in this go around is the White Chocolate Macadamia Nut. This one has a very sweet cookie base, almost like a sugar cookie. The nuts are a bit waxy, which I find happens when nuts are put into cookies. As a result, I find they are fairly devoid of any real flavor. Now, this may just be true of macadamia nuts in general. I’ve actually never had one outside a cookie before. The white chocolate chips are perfect in here. They are super creamy and they make the actual cookie part taste creamy. Yet another cookie triumph.

I’ll admit I’m a bit of an OS cookie whore. With the exception of the peanut butter variety (I’m not a huge peanut butter cookie fan in general), if it wasn’t terrible for my waistline, I could probably eat a dozen of these a day. They are small enough that I don’t feel terribly guilty over eating more than one and so tasty that I rarely can stop at one. I actually think I like the Triple Chocolate and Chocolate Chocolate better in their frozen form. The nuts keep me from eating the others frozen. At $15 for a tub of 36, they are about .40 a cookie. I know it seems a bit pricey when compared to store bought cookies, but these are way better than anything the store has to offer and evey better than eating the tube of cookie dough that cute little Doughboy used to dole in my childhood.

Taste: 9/10

Appearance: 5/10 (they are nothing special to look at)

Value: 7/10



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2 responses to “Chocolate Monday: Otis Spunkmeyer Cookies

  1. Julie

    Where can I buy a tub of Peanut Butter cookie dough?

    • beetqueen

      Believe it or not, Amazon actually sells tubs of the stuff, but I think you have to buy in bulk. You may also contact Red Apple Fundraising to see if they can tell you what school/group might be selling it in your area. I found them when the band students at my school in Florida were selling it. Then, when I moved and wanted a fundraiser of my own, I remembered them and signed us up. We’ve sold it every year and every year I buy tons!

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