Chocolate Monday: SweeTies

The other day, my BFF told me about a new sweet shop that had opened up not too far from our neighborhood. Never one to turn down something sweet, we hoped in her car and headed over.

SweeTies is located in a fairly busy little shopping center. From the outside, it probably wouldn’t have caught my attention. Inside though, it is decorated in the fairly trendy chocolate brown and pink combo. It’s very girly and felt really comfy.

The menu consists of cakes, pies, cookies, ice cream, cheesecakes, brownies, smoothies, muffins and chocolates. According to their website, everything is handmade by the owner and her family members. All of the treats looked amazing. The plates of cupcakes were huge and tasty looking. The cookies were the size of small dinner plates. I didn’t look at the flavors of ice cream because something else had caught my eye: the chocolates. They were beautiful, little works of chocolate art. At first glance they reminded me of Godiva’s G-Collection or Ethel M’s gourmet chocolates. One glance and I was hooked.

I bought a dozen chocolates to try at home and one cupcake to eat at the store. The cupcake was Carmel Apple. The cake was moist and had real chunks of apples in it, which reminded me of my favorite flavor of oatmeal. The icing was piled high, which made it a bit hard to eat. I found myself dredging my finger through the frosting and licking half of it off before I could even attempt to really eat the cupcake. The icing was also hard to eat because it was cream cheese based, which meant it slid around a bit. I don’t mind a challenge when the food tastes good, and the icing was tasty. Actually, the whole cupcake was top shelf.

The cupcake got me psyched for the chocolates. I figured that since the cupcake looked so pretty and tasted so great, the chocolates had to as well. I was, however, a bit disappointed.

First off, the box didn’t fit the chocolates. They slid all around and dumped out, even though I tried hard to be very careful with them. Still, this was a small thing. The important part here is the taste, right? But I should have known the box was a bad sign.

The first candy I tried was an orange truffle. It was cute. There was a white chocolate shell with powdered sugar all over it, which added to its appeal. I was very excited to pop it in my mouth, but was upset to find it wasn’t very sweet. The center was creamy, but didn’t have much actual orange flavor. It was decent, but more of a generic sweet than anything citrusy. Still, I didn’t give up.

Next I grabbed the apricot. It was even prettier to look at. With a chocolate shell that looked like it had been airbrushed with a bright orange, it had a very artistic look. Unlike the orange, there was a definite citrusy taste to it. It wasn’t quite the citrus of fruit though. It tasted a bit artificial. The milk chocolate was a good pairing with the filling. My tasting seemed to be looking up.

Then things took a horrible turn. One of the pieces I was very excited about was a white chocolate heart which was labeled as key lime. Key lime is one of my favorite flavor pairings with chocolate. My mouth always starts to water before I even take a small bite of Godiva’s key lime truffle. Key lime pie is a favorite dessert. This, however, was not key lime. It was a monstrous pairing of white chocolate and little bits of lime hard candy. It was a bit like a Life Saver chopped up and wrapped in white chocolate. It was not only overly sweet, but confusing to my taste buds. I wasn’t sure if I should chew it or suck on it. Life Savers aren’t chocolate coated, and it turns out there is a good reason for that. I was not at all a fan of this one.

My first heart experience made me quite scared for the other heart piece I had. It was also white chocolate and had a little purple color to the center. Precariously, I took a bite. It might have been the smallest bite of chocolate I’ve ever taken. I was relieved to see this one was a filled chocolate. It had a two layer filling. The bottom tasted a bit like raspberry jam. The white chocolate was a bit think and took away from the tart of the raspberry. As a result, it just tasted sweet, withouth the bite I love in raspberries. White chocolate and raspberries can be a good pairing, but here it was just ok.

I had two spiced truffles. Unfortunately, I’m not sure what the spices actually were. One I know was cardamom, I’m just not sure which one it was. They looked fairly similar and by the time I ate them, I couldn’t remember which flavors I’d ordered. Even if I had, I wouldn’t have remembered which was which. They both tasted a bit like gingerbread. The fillings were smooth and creamy. They were also a bit peppery. I liked them both, but they didn’t have a distinct taste that stood out to me.

The rest of my truffles were fruit filled. Although I’m not quite sure which fruits. One was definitely cherry. I remembered the look of this piece, so I knew what I was getting when I popped it in my mouth. The darker chocolate was a bit bitter, but the cherry inside was tasty; not overly sweet or sour, just a smooth, fruity filling.

A similar tasting piece had a center with a little bit of jam or jelly on top. I wasn’t sure if it was raspberry, strawberry or cherry though. Once again the chocolate was a bit bitter, but it was creamy and the fruit, whatever it may have been, balanced well with it.

My favorite piece was the lemon truffle. It looked almost identical to the orange one, however, it had a slightly yellow tint (the other had an orange one). The powdered sugar actually tasted a bit lemony. It was sweet and tart, which thrilled me. It tasted a bit like lemon meringue pie, but without that nasty meringue. The chocolate shell was thin, which meant more room for the lemony inside. A real plus in my opinion, and a truly good piece of chocolate.

Overall I felt let down by the chocolates. I really wanted to like them since they were so pretty to look at. With the exception of the key lime heart, not one of the chocolates was bad. They just weren’t spectacular. I’ve had far better chocolates for about the same price at several other chocolate shops, so I don’t imagine I’ll go back for the chocolates. The cake, however, that’s a different story!


Chocolate Taste: 5/10, Cupcake Taste: 8/10

Chocolate Appearance: 9/10, Cupcake Appearance: 9/10

Chocolate Value: 5/10, Cupcake Value: 8/10

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    Sorry this posted late (Wed), but I swear I’d hit the post button on Monday!

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