Chocolate Monday: Flying Cupcake

So I know this is a little late. Usually I like to get these out in time for people to actually read them on Monday, but I’ve got a fairly new baby who is not keen on napping in her bassinet (but loves the papoose sort of sling I can carry her in), so I don’t get nearly as much done in a day as I’d like.

Recently my bff and I made a trip back to the Flying Cupcake. I can’t help it, I just love this place! It was supposed to be my first venture out without either of my kids, but due to a slight miscalculation on my bff’s part (and her silly ol’ promise to a friend to let him borrow her car), we had to stop back by my house to get mine. That meant my son saw me, got a little wound up and wouldn’t go down easy for a nap. As a compromise, I offered to take my sleeping baby girl with us. Luckily she stayed asleep the whole trip, so aside from the inconvienance of having a baby carrier in a small store, the trip was great.

As luck would have it, on this trip they had a new cupcake I’d never tasted before: the Salted Caramel cupcake. When I originally checked out their website, this was one that set off major bells for me. I don’t know what it is about adding chunky sea salt to chocolate concoctions, but I adores it! Sorry for the bad grammar, but the combo makes me giddy like a child. So when I saw this in the cupcake window, I knew I must have it.

The fudgy chocolate frosting was piled high on this baby. So high, in fact, that it was almost impossible to fit in my mouth…and as anyone who knows me will attest, I have quite the big mouth. This cake was HUGE! I didn’t want to eat the frosting off of it though as that’s where the salt resided and I wanted to get the full effect of the treat. So I nearly cracked my jaw out of whack, but I got it in for the first bite.

The salt goes great with the rich chocolate. The frosting is really more of a ganache than a typical frosting. I was a bit sorry I’d grabbed a Izzy instead of milk, because the milk really was what I needed. Still, being the trooper I am, I soldiered on. I had to have more of that frosting, because it was so good.

The cake was moist. No, moist doesn’t even cover it. Thanks to the caramel, it was almost too moist to eat. It practically fell apart as I tried to snack on it. But it did help balance out the incredible richness of the chocolate cake.

The size and gooeyness made this one hard to eat, but worth every bite. I do have to admit it reminded me just a tad of a Hostess cupcake…if that generic store bought cake was imbued with the most amazing awesomeness ever. Without a doubt, this is my favorite cupcake FC makes. If it weren’t for the fact it is a Herculean task to eat one by myself, I’d eat one every day.

Even though it kept trying to fall apart on me, I have to say, best cupcake ever!


Taste: 10/10

Appearance: 9/10 (for the falling apartness)

Cost: 10/10 (worth every moist, chocolatey penny)


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