Chocolate Monday: Godiva Spring Fruits

It’s no secret I love Godiva chocolate. There are very few items they make that I don’t love, and even those I like just fine. Whenever they introduce a new product, I have to try it, even if it’s almost identical to something they already have that I like. Heck, I bought three different G-Collections simply because they changed two of the chocolates. I’m a sucker that way.

So when my bff and I went in to get our free truffles for April (we are both a part of the Godiva frequent buyer club, so each month we get one free truffle or chocolate), I was thrilled to see there were five new pieces to try. It didn’t matter that I already have a box of their chocolates in my fridge, I had to pick up a small package containing each of the five chocolates.

The chocolates themselves were beautiful. Each slightly rectangular piece is decorated with beautiful flowers. I love these seemingly silk screened pieces. The bouquets on them make them quite intriguing, and immediately attracted my attention.

The first one I tried was the black raspberry piece. Just like the actual fruit, this candy has seeds which does give it a genuine raspberry taste. Since it is black raspberry rather than my favorite red variety, it doesn’t have that amazing tart taste most raspberry pieces at Godiva do. The dark chocolate isn’t bitter like many dark pieces are, so that blends well with the black raspberry filling. It was a pretty good piece, but I did feel like I needed to brush my teeth because of the seeds.

The next one I grabbed was a milk piece. It definitely had a fruit taste to it, but it wasn’t a really distinct flavor, and the box had no flavor info on it, so I’m not entirely sure which fruit it was aiming for. I’m pretty sure it was peach, but it probably could have been any number of fruits. The milk chocolate was creamy and paired well with the slightly generic fruit taste. Even though I couldn’t distinguish the exact flavor, I thought it was tasty and would definitely eat it again.

There was only one white chocolate piece and I clearly remembered it being pina colada. I wasn’t excited about this one. The white chocolate was creamy, and the filling was fairly bland, but I’m just not a pina colada fan, which is odd because I love coconut. I think it’s just the combo of flavors I don’t care for. Even the actual drink is one I don’t care for.

I couldn’t remember the flavor of the second milk chocolate piece either and when I tried it, the flavor was a bit hard to nail down. My best guess is pear. It was definitely sweet and fruity. Milk chocolate was a great pairing for this sweet treat. I really liked this piece.

My favorite though, without a doubt, was the lemon. Godiva makes the best lemon center I’ve ever tasted. It was amazingly tart, which I adore. It tasted like fresh lemon. The dark chocolate is perfect with it because it balances the tart perfectly. It actually even made my mouth pucker a bit, just like a real lemon would. I absolutely love this piece.

Although I liked each of these chocolates, if I was to buy them again, I’d probably just grab the pear and the lemon. Godiva makes a truly fantastic raspberry cordial which the black raspberry piece cannot compete with. I would definitely ditch the pina colada one.


Taste: 7.5/10

Appearance: 9.5/10

Price: 6.5/10 ($8.50 for 5, which is on par with their individual truffles)

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