Chocolate Monday: The Hot Cookie

I got to have a nice day out with some of my best friends this past weekend. It started with a trip to the art exchange. I was jazzed about it in part because I got out of the house without pushing a stroller or dragging a pre-schooler around and in part because I was getting to do something very grown up: wandering aisles of stalls filled with the endeavors of local artists. This particular art show is lots of fun because it’s filled with some things I can actually afford and want.

The art exchange (not sure why it’s called that since the only exchange going on is art for money), is held twice a year in an art building downtown. It’s a pretty cool place. It’s a sort of collective filled with artists. They have small apartments and more importantly: studio space. I believe everyone who lives in the building has to be an artist of some sort, but I don’t know the actual “rules.” Not that it matters because I don’t  have a shred of artistic talent.

There were a plethora of artists at the exchange. I bought a print for the nursery from a favorite local water color artist of mine. I also got my little girl a really cute handmade t-shirt. For my son I picked up some homemade crayons which are a neat swirl of four or five different shades. I picked up some stickers, buttons and an album for my husband. I wasn’t sure what I wanted for myself. There were some really neat necklaces, but since I hardly ever wear jewelry, I figured it would be a waste to pay so much for something I’d only wear once or twice, even though they were awfully pretty.

What wasn’t a waste though, were the two food vendors. They were both local bakeries filled with goodies to buy. The first vendor had cupcakes and brownies. I grabbed one of each. The second vendor, The Hot Cookie, had an assortment of cookies for sale. They said their most popular ones, the ones they were sure to sell out of, were the Sea Salt Chocolate Chunkers.

I think I must have slightly misheard them, because I swear I heard caramel in there. I think it was probably because salted caramels seem to be all the rage these days. Since I was expecting something a little gooey, I was definitely disappointed when I just got chocolate. And believe me, that’s not something I say lightly.

After that first bite, I went back and looked at the package again. When I saw there was no caramel anywhere on the package, I reset my expectations and took another bite. Chocolate chunk might have been an understatement, as it seemed each cookie was basically a solid hunk of chocolate with a slight cookie coating. If I had read the ingredients carefully, I might have picked another flavor, since these “chunkers” were made from dark chocolate. I know I’ve said it time and time again, but I’m not a huge fan of dark chocolate.

Since the hunks of chocolate were dark, the cookies had a slightly bitter after taste. They were also on the crunchy side since they were very flat (and tiny). The slight cookie “breading” stretched thinly over the chocolate was hardly noticeable as a flavor. The chocolate dominates everything, so the cookie doesn’t get to shine at all. However, the sea salt at the end was a nice kick. It’s not as good with just chocolate as it is when mixed with caramel and chocolate, but it gave a bit more flavor to the cookie.

I do like that The Hot Cookie is an organic company that uses only natural ingredients. It’s refreshing to eat something that isn’t pumped full of preservatives. Not that it really makes the cookie that much healthier, I realize.

Even though I’m not a huge fan of this particular cookie, I am interested in trying another flavor or two from them. I know they make whoopie pies because my BFF adores them. She raved and raved about them. I was a bit sad I didn’t have enough money to buy one. Since they don’t have an actual store (only one on etsy), I may have to wait until the next art show to get another crack at them. The flavors on their website look good, but then, so does every cookie I’ve ever seen.


Taste: 4/10

Appearance: 7/10

Value: 5/10 (about 70 cents a cookie, and they are fairly small)

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