Chocolate Monday: Yoho Bakery

So it’s been awhile since I blogged. I spent the last week vacationing with my husband’s family at the beach (which will no doubt result in a heap o’ posts), and even though my days were a bit lazy, I just didn’t feel like blogging. Maybe it was the intense heat. Maybe it was trying to keep the baby on some sort of a schedule in a house full of people who could not comprehend that every noise they made reverberated 10 times up in our room. Maybe it was the simple joy of not having anything to “do.” Whatever it was, blogging wasn’t on the menu.

Sadly, neither was chocolate. My MIL claims to not be much of a chocolate person, and we had none. We had homemade frozen custard (made by my husband), but it was vanilla and peach (and even the peach took some major concessions on my MIL’s part). She brought cookies, but they were lemon. We even had some tasty key lime bars, but alas, no chocolate.

So, the only chocolate I got was the impulse bag of M & M’s I bought at the check out line in Target. Since I’ve already done a blog on those bits of deliciousness, my indulgence had to wait until I landed back in town.

But even then, we got in after an arduous drive broken up over two days and I was too tired to savour any new chocolate. Luckily before we left, I was able to sample some treats from the Yoho Bakery and I took very good notes. So, here goes:

I first heard of them at the art exchange I went to a few weeks ago. After getting my bag of swag, the first booth I came to was selling brownies and mini cupcakes. What in the world could be better? Don’t misunderstand, I’m a big fan of art, but art I can eat…that is just pure genius! While I was at the booth, I picked up two treats: a salted caramel brownie and a margarita mini cupcake. My BFF bought two of the three other items: a blondie and a tiramasu mini cupcake. They also had a chocolate peanut butter regular sized cupcake, but I wanted something different.

I ate the cupcake at the festival. It was an orange cake with a margarita frosting. Now I’ve had other mini cupcakes before and often they are a bit dry. I think this is due to how long they have to cook and how little there is to actually cook. This cake, however, was so very moist, with an excellent citrus flavor. The frosting definitely had a tequilla flavor, but somehow managed to avoid the bitter alcohol after taste so many liquor infused treats tend to have. The slight bit of salt in the concotion grabbed my attention and added a real complexity to the cake. The frosting was creamy and delicious! Even though it was small, it was worth the $1 I paid.

I saved the brownie for a few days after I bought it. I didn’t mean to, just had my fill of sweets and it got put on the back burner. Even two days later, it was moist and chewy, just the way I like a brownie to be. In fact, when I bit in to the brownie, I could actually see just how moist it was. The first bite had a real hint of salt, which mixed well with the sweetness of the chocolate, which was very sweet and fudgy. The slightly crunchy top added a nice texture to the treat. The caramel flavor wasn’t obvious, but does add a non-chocolate sweet which the salt helps to temper. Pretty darn good. Not quite as good as the Sweet Embrace brownies I reviewed a while back, but these are local and easier to get. As an added bonus, the brownie was cut into two pieces, so it would have been easy to share, had I had any desire to do so. Since it was so rich, I could see why someone would want to save half for later or share half. Not me though, I’m a true chocolate nut.

At $3, it was pretty reasonable considering the taste. I didn’t get to try the other two items my BFF had, but she raved about her mini cupcake. She loves a good cupcake, but is really picky about her frosting. She usually ends up taking over half of hers off. However, she really liked this frosting. I think it helped that it was cream cheese based and not nearly as sugary as buttercream. I’ll let her comment on whether or not the blondie was any good.

If the non art show prices are as good, I’d really like to try some of their other items. I think this could become a favorite local bakery.


Taste: 8.5/10

Value: 8.5/10

Appearance: 6/10


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2 responses to “Chocolate Monday: Yoho Bakery

  1. We are also at the beach this week and therefore, I’m indulging in more dessert than usual. I love the local flavors (ha! banana pudding) of some of the cobblers.

  2. Eee

    The blondie was also really good, if not quite as yummy as the cupcake, which was awesome. The blondie tasted a bit too sweet; too much general sweetness and not enough other flavors. However, I would be more than happy to eat another, which is more than I can say for most brownies.

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