Chocolate Monday: Island Mermaid Fudge

Yeah, I know, the title is odd. And no, the fudge wasn’t made by any mermaids. At least, I don’t think it was since it had a little sign saying it was made by someone named Nancy. I guess she could have been some sort of merfolk relation.

This time last week, I was just returning from a vacation adventure in South Carolina. My in-laws rented an enormous beach house and invited all three of their kids and their spouses and kids to stay with them. Having grown up on the coast, you’d think I’d be far more enamored of the beach than I actually am. I think it has to do with the pigmentation of my skin. I am the original pale, pale white girl. The sun does not shower me with golden kisses when I sit beneath its glory. It turns me a shocking shade of pink that can only be described using something from a Crayola box.

I was excited about getting out of the city and hopefully relaxing a bit. Not that I got to relax all that much. Funny how a household of children (7 under the age of 10), even when outnumbered by adults (there were 9 of us) is simply not at all soothing. Amazingly, even though I had the youngest one there (my darling baby girl is only 3 months old), my two were definitely the best behaved all week.

But I digress…this is, after all, a chocolate post.

Aside from my silly dreams of relaxing by the pool while my kids napped, I also hoped that our trip would lead me to some exotic chocolates I hadn’t tried before. Unfortunately, much like my idea of resting, it seemed a variety of chocolates was also a figment of my imagination.

I did find one source of non-prepackaged chocolates on the island, in the very back of a little beach store in the tiny beach “shopping” district. I know those aren’t the right words to pick since I don’t think four shops, an ice cream parlor, and three restaurants can be called any sort of district, but it’s all I had right at my disposal. There was more of a town area, but I couldn’t get to it without taking the car and actually driving over bridges and such. Since I had no idea where anything was, I went with what I could get easily, even if it wasn’t much.

The shop called Island Mermaid, had a little sweet counter in the back. They served slushies, ice cream, soda and fudge. The temperatures were in the high 90’s all week, so just the five minute walk to the shops took the wind out of our sails and we were salivating over the idea of a drink. I bought a raspberry lemonade slushie for my son, husband and I to share. I think my son ended up drinking most of it, but the poor little guy was so much more tired than we were.

There were about a dozen types of fudge, cut up into small squares sitting in a plexiglass box on the counter. I was torn because there really weren’t many flavors with chocolate (only chocolate, chocolate peanut butter and amaretto), but there were several non-chocolate flavors that sounded tasty. I probably should have gotten one of each, but I can’t eat fudge the way I used to. When I was a kid, I used to get a box of fudge from the fair every year. I usually got 12 pieces and ate them over the course of the following week. I made myself sick more than once, so over the years, I’ve kind of cooled it on the fudge.

But, since this was my only chocolate connection, I felt the need to buy and try it. I only bought two pieces for myself: raspberry cheesecake and chocolate amaretto. The first one I tried was the cheesecake. It was super sugary. Even more so than I remember most fudge being. It had a “cheesecake” look with a white and pink swirl pattern. The bright pink reminded me of Pepto Bismal, and I’ll be honest, after I ate a few bites, I thought I might need some to settle my stomach back down.

As I took my second bite, I could feel the sugar coating my teeth, which grossed me out a bit. The fudge did have real raspberry seeds in it, which made me believe there were some natural ingredient in the fudge, but it was odd to me since the taste was so artificial. Plus, there wasn’t much of a cheesecake taste. It just sort of tasted like imitation raspberry all the way through. I only was able to take about 4 bites before I gave up.

The chocolate amaretto was a bit more of a success. It did help remind me that for me, fudge usually needs chocolate to be tasty (although I do sometimes like small bits of maple or butter pecan fudge). There was a slight alcohol hint and also a slight cherry one, which is odd since amaretto is an almond flavor, not a cherry one. I did like the cherry hint though. It was still sugary, but I think the chocolate gave it a slight richness than helped it from being too overwhelming. It did, however, leave an odd greasy feeling on my lips which I was not fond of. I was almost able to finish this piece though, so I felt that was a real improvement.

Now, I only tried two pieces, but I was very underwhelmed. I wanted it to be good, especially since it was so cheap (about .85 cents per square), but in the end, it tasted cheap to me. I won’t give up on fudge, but it’ll have to be some good fudge to make me consider eating it again after this.


Taste: 3/10

Appearance: 5/10

Value: 3/10 (it was cheap, but not something I’d want to buy again)

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