Chocolate Monday: Chocolate Covered Corn Nuts

When I was 13, I fell in love with Corn Nuts. I had just arrived at my 8th school in nearly as many years. My mother had once again gotten restless and decided we needed a change of pace, which really meant she needed some different scenery. So, we left the green pastures of the Country Meadows mobile home park for a large rental house about an hour away. I think that this move was provoked by the onset of “asthma.” I have no clue whether or not my mother actually had it but she convinced my step-dad and we packed up all over again.

Not that I could tell anyone we lived in Country Meadows (which was in the middle of a large city which I don’t think had ever had anything resembling a meadow in it). Even though my mother liked to remind me that our home was not, in fact, mobile, she was far too worried that family members half-way across the country would imagine run down trailer parks and think less of her. It’s true, there was no easy way our house could have been mobile. It was much more akin to what people nowadays like to call a modular home than an actual trailer. The only way it was going anywhere was if it was removed by some major force and hauled off on a flatbed truck. Still, I guess just showing people a picture wouldn’t fix the problem, we had to keep silent about our abode.

This latest moving bug struck my mother a few months after the start of my 8th grade year, so I had to say goodbye to the few decent friends I’d managed to make the year before when I moved to that school. By October we were on our way back down the hill to Walker Jr. High. 

Walker had four lunch options: bring your own, eat in the cafeteria, grab something from the fast lines or pony up to the counter at the student store. My mom was never good about stocking our pantry with things to pack in a lunch bag and since the school was in Southern California, there was no need to seek the refuge of the cafeteria (whose food was a grade above what I served my dog and had to be consumed in the dark, dank cafeteria proper). The quick lines weren’t bad since they were stocked with chips, Little Debbie’s and fries, but the lines were anything but quick.

So, every day I opted for the student store, which had three food items: soda, candy bars and Corn Nuts. Soda and candy bars were .50 each, but Corn Nuts were 2 for .50, so each day I used $1 of the $2 I got for lunch to get a Pepsi and two bags of nacho cheese Corn Nuts. Was it healthy, of course not, but I was 13 and didn’t really care because it tasted good and meant I got to sock away $5 extra bucks a week.

For years, Corn Nuts became my road trip snack of choice, but only if I could get the nacho cheese flavor. Otherwise I’d fall back on good ol’ beef jerky. I actually haven’t had them in years, but not because I stopped liking them. I just got on more of a health kick and realized they were not good for me, so I had to cut them out.

Last week while checking out a local sweet shop, I came across a chocolate covered treat I hadn’t seen before that brought back a world of early teenage memories: chocolate covered Corn Nuts.

So what does a chocolate covered Corn Nut actually taste like? Well, just what it says, a Corn Nut that has been covered in chocolate. They look like M&M’s, so even though I knew what they were when I bought them, I still sort of expected a taste a bit more like a peanut M&M. They are an odd mix of crunchy salt mixed with chocolate. They have that sort of sweet and savory flavor that I often like. I’ve been known to top my goat cheese with fig comfit and to grab a handful of uber salty popcorn and chocolate covered peanuts together.

They are admittedly a little off putting. They don’t cruch quite right. Instead, they crunch in that almost stale way Corn Nuts do. The chocolate surrounding the truckstop treat is thin, more of a candy coating. They are very much like M&M’s in that matter, only the chocolate shell seems to be made of slightly cheaper stuff, so it’s not quite as tasty. The first one made me cringe a little, but after a handful, I was sort of diggin’ on them.

Not something I’d buy every day (or possibly ever again), but I will finish of the bag I bought. M&M’s are far tastier, so that’s what I’ll stick with, but the chocolate covered Corn Nuts are a fun departure from the norm and I’m glad I tried them.


Taste: 4/10

Appearance: 5/10 (brighter colors than M&Ms)

Price: N/A (obviously they weren’t free, but the bin they were in wasn’t labelled and I didn’t save the receipt).


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