Chocolate Monday: Godiva Truffles

A few weeks ago, my BFF and I realized we’d been missing out on free chocolate. When we signed up for the Godiva rewards card months ago, one of the most exciting perks was that we could go in once a month and they’d give us a free piece of candy, just for having the little plastic rectangle, even if we didn’t buy anything else. Heck, we didn’t even have to have our cards on us since they could look us up in the system. Yeah, I know, computer systems of big companies are tracking me, but they are also giving me free chocolate, so I’m ok with it.

For the first several months we were diligent. We went in and got our free chocolate booty no matter what. But for some reason we got all caught up in life and missed a few months. Sure, I might have been recovering from giving birth, but I’m not sure that is a good enough excuse for missing free chocolate.

So when we decided to turn our Saturday afternoon into a shopping trip too, I knew a trip to Godiva was long, long overdue. In fact, I’d been thinking about going, especially after I ordered my sister’s birthday present online and saw they had a new line of chocolate bars, centered around their ice cream line AND a line of large bars with fun new flavors.

Imagine my extreme delight when not only did they have the large bars on sale, but they also had three truffles I’d never tried before. Within moments, I’d grabbed one of each bar I wanted to try, and made my way up to the counter to put my claim on some new truffle goodness.

Or at least that is what I was hoping would happen. The three new truffles are pistachio, lemon chiffon and rocky road. I wasn’t nearly as excited about the pistachio as my BFF was, but I knew my husband would kill me if I didn’t at least get one for him to try (he adores pistachios–they are his favorite nut), and if I was going to get one for him, I knew I had to get one for me too. I was far more interested in the lemon chiffon, as I’ve been heartily impressed with all the lemon pieces I’ve had from Godiva. They know how to get a really great mix of chocolate and tart that just puckers my mouth slightly and reminds me of childhood when I would get my mom to buy me lemons at the store so that I could peel them like an orange and pop the slices in my mouth. I was also kind of jazzed about the rocky road one since one of the first candies I learned to make was a rocky road variety.

When I brought the bag of goodies home and handed my husband his pistachio treat, he beamed at me. Since our son was still napping, my husband decided to pop it in his mouth right away. I was planning to save mine for later, but his happy cries from the living room made me rethink my plan. He kept calling to me, “babe, this is awesome. You have to try it. Seriously, this is the best truffle I’ve ever eaten.” So, I tried it.

Now, my husband is no chocolate expert, but I think he might be right on the money here. I was a bit wary of the bright green exterior. It reminded me of the pistachio nuts my step-dad used to get at the store that had those dyed red shells. True, this one was green and not red, but it was an unnatural minty green that just looked fake. The taste though, was anything but. The filling tasted so light and airy, it almost seemed to be whipped. The creamy texture was undeniable. It had a rich, slightly salty taste (thanks to the nuts on top, which also provided a nice slight crunch to the texture). It tasted like it had been filled with pistachio mousse. It was amazing. I think this is my new favorite Godiva truffle, and that’s saying a lot since I practically worship the spring raspberry, strawberry and cream and cranberry ones.

This made me super excited to try the lemon chiffon. When they did their “foreign” truffle line last year, they had a lemon that was exquisite and I expected a bright, lemon..something akin to the filling in a lemon meringue pie. What I got was a truffle with a slight hint of lemon. There was no tartness, no crispy lemon bite. It was creamy, but that was due to the white chocolate, and it had a faint hint of citrus, but I’m not sure it was even a lemony citrus. It really just sort of tasted like creamy white chocolate in a pretty yellow white chocolate shell. Disappointed is not a strong enough word.

I was a bit reluctant to try the rocky road. I didn’t want to get let down again. I was hoping that it would surprise me like the pistachio did, but I felt it was more in line with the lemon chiffon truffle. Don’t get me wrong, it was tasty, but it was hard to place the flavor exactly. I know, you’re thinking, well, duh, it’s rocky road, but it didn’t really  have a marshmallow flavor. It just tasted like chocolate, maybe with a hint of hazelnut, but certainly not the peanuts I’m used to in rocky road. It was very creamy (as are just about all their truffles), and the nuts did add a nice crunch, but I just felt sort of warm to it. Not excited about it, that’s for sure. It was the chocolate equivalent of one of those 5 minute chair massages at the mall. Sure, it’s good while it lasts, but all you can think about afterwards is how good a real massage would be.

Overall, I was a little unhappy with the new truffles. Not that I’ve always liked everything Godiva has put out, but I wanted to like the flavors here so badly. They should have been direct hits, but aside from the pistachio, they didn’t make their marks. But that pistachio one, man, bullseye!

Taste: 5/10 (except for pistachio, which is a clear 10/10)

Appearance: 7/10

Value: 6/10 (again, pistachio excepted, which is a 10/10)



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3 responses to “Chocolate Monday: Godiva Truffles

  1. truffleeloverrr

    hi! i just wanted to let you know that i LOVED the free chocolate of the month perk! but then–they closed the only Godiva store thats within driving-monthly distance from my home!! i was sooo upset! im just extremely jealous looking at all these truffles (which are my favorite form of chocolate) and i just wanted to share my unfortune with a fellow chocolate lover. my friends weren’t nearly as upset about it as I was, and I’ve been buying chocolate online now. wonderful reviews, i have yet to taste them, but I really want to!!

  2. truffleeloverrr

    Hey, just wondering if you could also review Godiva’s Pumpkin Patch Truffles OR their Caramel Apple GEMS which I believe (but I’m not sure) are new this year. So, I’d like to know whether or not they’re worth trying or not! So, thanks! (:

  3. beetqueen

    How anyone could not be upset about the closing of Godiva and the unavailability of truffles is a mystery to me, pure and simple. They obviously have under developed taste buds! I do share your pain because when I lived in Florida, my closest one was two hours away, and it was such an ordeal to organize a trip there.

    As far as the pumpkin patch truffles, if they are the full size ones, they have them every year and they are amazing (but I am happy for any excuse to eat one, so will be glad to review them). I have not tried the Caramel Apple Gems either, so I think I’ll have to head out to my Godiva branch soon. I’ve got a couple other things to review, but keep watching, I will give you a head’s up!

    Thanks for reading!

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