Chocolate Monday: Endangered Species Chocolate

One thing I really, really love about the organic fruit and veggie delivery service I subscribe to, is that each week they offer me tons of extra non-fruit and veggie items to add to my delivery. Some of these extras have become essential to my enjoyment of food (like their Asian vinaigrette, which is super scrumptious) and some, well, not so much. The cool thing about all the add ons is that they are all organic and much of it is even local. Oh, and they have chocolate. You have to love any place that will bring chocolate to your door. At least if you are me you do.

So, a few weeks ago, I decided to add a candy bar to my order. I thought I was ordering an organic dark chocolate raspberry bar from Endangered Species Chocolate, but when I took my first bite, I realized I must have hit the wrong button on the menu, because I wasn’t tasting raspberries. It took me a moment to figure out just what the fruit involved was, because at first, all my mouth thought was, “wow, this is definitely dark chocolate.” The first bite left a bitter aftertaste in my mouth and only an ever so slight hint of fruit. I had to look at the wrapper to see that the fruit was supposed to be cherries. I thought it was more of a tiny hint of cherries.

The chocolate itself was creamy, but had just a slight greasy feel to it. It left a film of sorts on the roof of my mouth, which I honestly found a bit off-putting. I did, however, like the fact that when I took the second bite, it was far less bitter, although it did have a coffee taste, and  it had a much more powerful cherry undertone. I also noticed that the chocolate had a faint pink sheen. Each bite I took made the flavor grown on me. By the time I’d finished the first square (there were three), I actually liked the flavor. Not my favorite candy bar ever, but I could definitely eat it slowly and savor the flavor.

When I bought the cherry one, I’d actually snagged a peanut butter one for my husband as well. I figured I’d get a taste or two for reviewing and then hand the rest over to him. I expected to bite into a chocolate bar with an inside pocket of peanut butter, much like you’d find in a PB Twix or a Reese’s Cup. I figured there’d be far more chocolate in this bar than on either of those, but I definitely thought I’d be getting peanut butter surrounded by chocolate. What I got once again threw me for a loop. The chocolate was infused with peanut butter flavor. The chocolate was really creamy, which totally reminded me of the texture of actual peanut butter. Oddly though, it wasn’t heavily peanut butter flavored. Once again, it was more of a hint, and that hint was a bit more straight peanut than peanut butter. Unlike the bitter aftertaste of the previous bar, this one had a kind of nice peanut butter aftertaste, which kind of made me crave some milk to wash it down with. Although I liked it fine, I was glad to pass it on to my husband. I think if I really get a craving for peanut butter and chocolate, I’ll stick to a Reese’s.

Since my first two experiences were ok and I was sort of craving raspberries, I figured I had to give Endangered Species one more shot and try the raspberry bar. This bar was even darker than it’s cherry cousin. I had to really let it melt in my mouth to get the raspberry flavor. It was subtle at first, but then a tartness hit me that made my mouth pucker a little at the end. There were actual raspberry seeds imbedded in the chocolate which accounted for the tartness, which, I should add, got stronger the longer I let it melt in my mouth. And to get the full flavor I did have to let it melt in my mouth. When I tried just biting in to it, the flavor was mild at best. This seemed to be a savoring chocolate.  I really liked the pockets of raspberry seeds, but the actual chocolate was just too dark for me. I found myself nibbling it very carefully to find the raspberry seeds, but ignoring the rest of the candy bar.

I’ll admit I wasn’t thrilled with my Endangered Species experience. The chocolate bars were good, but there are lots of other chocolate companies out there with better chocolate (however, anyone who loves dark chocolate may really find some kindred taste but spirits here as they have a very dark line). One thing I really do like is the environmental message of each bar. Each bar is dedicated to an animal, and inside the bars there are facts and information about those animals. It was definitely the first chocolate that sought to educate me, and that really appealed to the teacher in me. I’m not sure I’m looking for intellectual chocolate though. I fear my mouth and my brain may be at war if I buy too many more of these bars.


Taste: 6/10

Appearance: 7/10 (wrappers are pretty cool, although chocolate itself isn’t really special)

Value: 6.5/10

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