Chocolate Monday: Almond Joy Pieces

I know, I know, I’ve once again been away for awhile. This time it wasn’t work or even pure exhaustion, but rather a complete and total loss of all things internet. Turns out that the DSL we’d been paying for for something like 3 years, was not, in fact entering our house at anything near the speed we were promised. I don’t know (or care about) the actual connection speeds. What I do know is that according to the phone company tech who came to check our line, in the past 6 months, our top speed has been 20% of what we were paying for.

We were a bit miffed.

So, we got ahold of U-Verse and started crunching numbers. Turns out we could get a pretty decent deal with them so we said, “sign us up!” The only catch was that we had to completely disconnect our lame ass DSL before they could even schedule the appointment for us. We dropped them immediately, only to find out we’d have to wait two weeks to get hooked up. A tremendous sigh (and possibly some cursing) echoed throughout our home.

But I’m back and with a cocoa vengeance. Just because I haven’t been able to write doesn’t mean I haven’t been collecting all sorts of yummies to blog about. Fear not dear readers, I’ve got new tasties to prattle on about. I’ve also got a stack of grading nearly as tall as I am (and True Blood to watch), so I thought I should come back with something simple: Almond Joy Pieces.

I’d seen the commercials for them several months ago and was intrigued. I thought it was cute the way the candy bar burst into little pieces when the hand reached out to grab it. Since I find Hershey bars a bit boring and I’d kind of kicked my desire for York, my choice was obvious.

Besides, I love Almond Joys. Every year at Halloween, I got to Sam’s Club and buy the jumbo bag of candy to pass out. Somehow I always manage to over buy, so I figure I might as well get treats I like so they don’t go to waste. My favorite pack has Almond Joy, Kit Kats, Hersheys, Whoppers, Rolos and Heath in it. I always sock the Heath and Almond Joys away, giving them out only when I have to (for this reason I always buy a sweet mix with Skittles, Twizzlers, Starburst and something else out too–more leftover chocolate that way, and my husband gets Skittles, which he can’t live without). I always save a Rolo or two as well.

I wasn’t quite sure what to expect when I opened the pack. I saw the three different colored pieces and wondered if one would be coconut, one almond and one chocolate. I tried each color individually to check. Nope, they all tasted the same. Which, honestly, makes a heck of a lot of sense. After all, Reese’s works that way, and if you got a handful of only chocolate and almond or one of only coconut and chocolate, it wouldn’t be the same experience.

Much like Reese’s Pieces, these had a light candy shell. They seemed less crunchy than M&M’s. More of a melt in your mouth sort of feeling. I’m not disparaging M&M’s here, as I also adore them, but I’ve always found pieces to be a bit softer. I have, in fact, had them melt in my hands lots of times.

Each little piece was a fairly decent blend of coconut, almond and chocolate, which really surprised me. I actually felt the little bits of coconut in my teeth, so it wasn’t even just a coconut extract. For me, that was a pleasant surprise. While I didn’t get any real nut texture, there was a subtle hint of almond in each piece.

Since they were pieces, the texture obviously can’t be the same as the bar. And, neither can the flavor. Just like Reese’s Pieces don’t taste like their bar counterparts, neither do these really. I did miss the extremely thick layer of coconut, which is my favorite part of the bar. I also missed the crunch of the almond. Just like Reese’s, I like the bar better. However, these will do in a pinch. Especially since it’s pretty hard to snarf down a candy bar between classes (or when students are in the room taking a test), but it’s easy to snag a couple, pop them in my mouth and have no one the wiser.

Overall, they are fun candies, but since they come in kind of big bags, portion control can be a problem. At least with a candy bar I know exactly what I’m getting in to and stop when it’s gone. These are so small, that I lose track of how many I’ve had and am in danger of popping way too many. I actually made myself a little nauseous one day.


Taste: 6/10

Appearance: 6/10

Value: 6/10

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