Chocolate Monday: Godiva Salted Caramel Bar

I’ve never met a chocolate bar I didn’t like. I’ve met some I was absolutely gaga about, but I always manage  to find something redeeming and tasty in every one. They are, after all, chocolate.

So, when I was browsing the Godiva website awhile back (yes, I am a preferred customer, so I get all those emails about new promos, and yes, when I get one of those emails, I find it impossible not to click the mouse button to take me to the actual site), I was more than a little excited to see all of the candy bars they were introducing. In the last few months they have expanded their large candy bar stock considerably. I was excited when I saw they actually had four new collections, each with five bars in it. A tad less excited when I saw there were only actually 9 new bars total and that two of the collections had repeats. Even less excited when I saw that of the 9 new bars, five were dark chocolate. It’s like they are trying to prove me wrong by making me dislike a candy bar.

Still, despite my small sadness, I was excited to see that one of the flavors was a salted caramel bar. In my opinion, this is one of the best chocolate combinations. Don’t get me wrong, I’m cool with chocolate and fruit, chocolate and nuts, chocolate and nougat and heck, I adore chocolate and chocolate, but there is just something about chocolate and caramel that makes me start salivating. Add some sea salt and I can hardly control myself. I was super excited about this one because one of my favorite treats at Godiva is actually these hand dipped sea salt coated chocolate caramels they sell. I’m not sure if they are a legit product or not, because I’ve never seen them at any Godiva but mine. But who cares? I say keep ’em coming!

Anyway, the prospect of caramel, sea salt and chocolate all wrapped up in bar form sent my head spinning and my feet running to my local boutique. It figures, the day I get there, they are having a special: three bars for $10, which is great since they are usually like $4 a piece. It was almost silly not to take the deal since I really wanted to try a couple of the others (I’ll admit, my interest was even peaked in two of the dark bars). I warred with myself for a while before biting the bullet and grabbing three bars.

Although I’m usually a best for last kind of gal, I couldn’t help myself this time. Before I could even think about the other bars, I had to try the salted caramel bar. My first thought as I popped it on my tongue was, “yep, that’s salty.” When I just let a piece melt on my tongue, the salt was a little overpowering. I found when I chewed the piece instead, the salt sort of got mixed in with the chocolate better and combined better, which disappointed me a little as I like to savor my chocolate to make it last.

I was also let down that the caramel was not a gooey one. The caramel on the truffle-like caramels they make in the store is gooey and I adore it. I think the gooey sweet caramel mixes perfectly with the salt. In the case of this bar though, that wasn’t really possible. Letting it dissolve in my mouth drowned out the caramel flavor, so I had to take small bites. The little caramel chips in it had the same texture as the salt, but even when chewed only gave a hint of the flavor.

This bar really just tasted like salted chocolate, which, don’t get me wrong, is good. I like salted chocolate, but it seems almost like false advertising. Yeah, I know, it wasn’t actually false advertising as there were caramel pieces in it, but the taste was a bit too subtle for me. I wanted more caramel to temper the salt.

One thing it really does have in its favor is that it is incredibly creamy. If they had just labelled it salted chocolate and not gotten my caramel hopes up, I would have been very satisfied with this bar. Since they led me astray though, I couldn’t help but pine for the caramel I was missing.

After eating the bar, I can still claim I’ve never met a chocolate bar I didn’t like, but this is one that definitely didn’t wow me. I wanted it to. I expected it to. And I was let down.


Taste: 6.5/10 (the chocolate itself is good)

Appearance: 6/10

Value: 7/10


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3 responses to “Chocolate Monday: Godiva Salted Caramel Bar

  1. H

    The salted caramel truffles are legitimate product… the company sends the caramel ganache centers to the stores, the people in the stores dip each center in chocolate, and sprinkle with sea salt. However, its always been a limited edition item, its only come out twice in the past few years, supposedly only for one month (The first time was for Truffle Month in November, the second for Caramel Month more recently). Some stores order extra centers, so they can make them longer. Some stores continue making something similar, they will dip either the milk or dark caramel embraces or caramel gems in chocolate and sprinkle on sea salt, but those pieces have the chewy vanilla or chocolate caramel inside, not the caramel ganache (and they’re not the same shape, either).

    Also, it is misleading about the Salted Caramel tablet, on the front, in really small print, it says Milk Chocolate with Salted Toffee Pieces… which is really what they should call it.

  2. beetqueen

    The guy at my store makes them out of “season” if you will. I actually prefer the non-ganache ones to the ganache ones. I happen to love the caramel embrace pieces, and I love the giant dome-shaped “truffles” he makes at our store. He had to stop when the official sea salt caramel truffles were out and he has only made them once since, which makes me sad. He kind of hinted to me that he wasn’t supposed to be making them when he was, but that he’d keep doing it as long as corporate didn’t find out.

  3. Kartashok

    It’s legit. I bought it in Belgium, the homeland of Godiva, and I’m eating it now.

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