Chocolate Monday: Godiva Dark Chocolate Raspberry Bar

It’s late, but it’s technically still Monday, at least where I am, so this blog still counts as a Monday post.

I actually have a dozen or so different types of chocolate I’m dying to dig into. They all look so yummy, that I’m having problems deciding which box to pry open first. Since several of my options are actually from Godiva (what can I say, my friends and family know me well), I figured I should start with one I bought myself.

Recently Godiva had a sale on their fairly new oversized chocolate bars. I was already wavering on whether or not to throw the salted caramel bar on my already growing pile, but since I’d already had quite a stack, I put it back. But when I saw the sign that said 3 for $10, I figured what the heck, let’s try several of them after all.

Since I have always been a huge fan of the raspberry/chocolate combo, I thought that should be my first choice. Despite being a dark chocolate, it’s only slightly bitter with crunchy little bits of raspberries imbedded in it. The freeze-dried raspberries gave the bar a slightly tart crunchy texture. The little berries make the chocolate a tad tastier, but try as it may, this one doesn’t live up to the original tiny bar they make. The smaller version has a liquid center, similar to the raspberry cordials I adore.

This version was better than the plain dark chocolate, but just disappointing. I actually found I liked it better when I let it slowly melt in my mouth. But still, it wasn’t enough to hold my interest for an entire bar. Had it been half the size, I might have finished it. But alas, it will be snuck into my husband’s lunch bag where he will indiscriminately gobble it down.


Value: 5/10

Taste: 6/10

Appearance: 5/10

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