Chocolate Monday: Godiva White Chocolate Vanilla Bean bar

Yeah, I know, two Godiva posts in a row. I actually bought them as part of a 3 for $10 deal. I figured before I bust in to all the new chocolates I got this year for Christmas, I’d better finish up what I already have.

And what I have, is a sort of odd history with white chocolate. I think the first time I was really introduced to it, I was about 12. Nestle had an Alpine White bar that I adored. For a couple of months, every time one of my folks offered a candy bar, I snagged one. I continued to love them well into my teens, but somehow managed to miss them being discontinued. I was not nearly as enthusiastic about the next white chocolate bar I tried: Cookies n’ Cream. I loved the ice cream and the cookie sandwiches Oreo put out for awhile, but the bars were overly sweet and after I tried two, I was through.

These are not my only exposures to white chocolate, but it seems these experiences are pretty much par for the course: find a white chocolate I really like, find one I feel sort of, well, blah about.

At first bite, I thought this Godiva bar was going to fall into the “really like” category. I was initially impressed by the ingredients list: only white chocolate and vanilla beans. Even though I often love my chocolate chock full of tasty bits, I can be quite a purist as well. There is something very satisfying about just letting rich, unfettered chocolate dissolve on my tongue.

I was also encouraged by the fact I could see little flecks of vanilla bean in the chocolate. I know it may sound silly, but when I was a kid, my grandmother always had Breyers Vanilla Bean ice cream in her freezer and I’m not sure if it was the fact she served it in real ice cream cones or that I could have it whenever I wanted, but it just tasted so much better than the stuff my mom gave me. As a kid I knew it was those little magic flecks.

My first bite also put a smile on my face. It was very creamy, just like a good white chocolate should be. I also got a clear vanilla flavor. It didn’t overpower the chocolate, but it was enough to make it obvious these flecks weren’t just there for decoration.

The problem came as soon as the bit finished melting. I had a really sweet after taste in my mouth. Now, due to the cocoa butter content of white chocolate, it naturally tastes sweeter than regular milk chocolate. And one problem I have had in the past with white chocolate is the over the top sweetness of it. It can be tempered and lessened, but often times it leaves me wanting one or two bites and that’s it.

This bar fell into that trap. Of the 10 square bar, I could only finish one before wanting a drink. And, even after that drink, I didn’t want anymore. The roof of my mouth actually felt a little coated (although that could easily have been my imagination).

Now, I don’t know for sure that I won’t try another square or two in the future, but considering the other goodies I have stocked in my fridge, by the time I feel like giving this bar a second chance, I think it might have gone round the bend. This one may have to end up another snack for my husband’s lunch bag.


Taste: 5/10

Appearance: 8/10

Value: 6/10



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4 responses to “Chocolate Monday: Godiva White Chocolate Vanilla Bean bar

  1. deb

    the reasons why you don’t like it is exactly why i love it! yum!

  2. Kelly

    I downed 6 squares while I read your review! It’s not too bad in my opinion; not too vanilla, but maybe a little sweet. Way too expensive though. I always drink something when I eat chocolate so it sticking around the palette and such is not a biggie for me.
    My favorite white chocolate bar was the smaller versions of the Nestle Milky Bar in the UK growing up. The thick ones are not as good to me as the thin ones or the buttons. Recently I found a bulk white chocolate at whole foods what was really nice, but I forget what it was..I’ll have to find out. It was actually so thick I have to hammer it into pieces!

    Link is the one of the older Milky Bar adverts, the theme song was something everyone knew!

    The milky bar is not a gourmet chocolat, but I still like it!

  3. beetqueen

    I wonder if the bulk white you found was Ghiradeli? I happen to really like their white chocolate. I have used the bulk stuff for making my own chocolates for years. I know Trader Joe’s carries it and I think Whole Foods used to.

    I’ll check out the Milky Bar. I am a lover of chocolate and am willing to try jut about EVERY choco-combo!

  4. I liked it. Better than Butler’s Milk Raspberry

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