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Chocolate Monday: S’mores Goldfish

I can’t go on any sort of road trip without serious car snacks. I don’t know what it is about being trapped in a car for more than five or six hours that turns me into some sort of snacking lunatic. I actually missed last week’s blog because I was hurtling down highway 40 toward stop 1 of my spring break adventure: Winston-Salem, North Carolina. After being in the car for nearly 12 hours (with two kids who didn’t want to be in a car for more than about 3), I had no desire to do anything except become one with the guest bed.

My car snacks have changed just a little since my early college days (back then I never left home with fewer than three varieties of jerky). Now that I have kids, I have to stock up on slightly more family friendly treats in case my kiddoes decide they want a bite too. During a last minute trip to Target, I figured I should grab a few more packages for the road. My son and I both adore Goldfish, so I figured I had to have at least a package or two. What I didn’t expect to see was a new variety: S’mores.

I adore the real fireside version of S’mores. I adore Goldfish. I knew I had to have this treat.

As it turns out, this might be the greatest car ride snack since that awesome pepper jerky I found nearly a decade ago. The tiny chocolate graham crackers were exactly what I expected. They reminded me a bit of Teddy Grahams. They had a mild cocoa taste. Not too overwhelming, but still chocolatey enough to feed my sweet tooth. The graham cracker grahams (and yes, that sounds odd to write) were perfect. And the tiny marshmallows, reminded me of all the little marshmallows in my favorite cereals. Putting one of each together didn’t exactly taste like the ooey-gooey treats I remember from my Girl Scout days, but man, they were good.

I think I could have made something similar by taking two kinds of Teddy Grahams with marshmallows from a Swiss Miss packets, but for Pepperidge Farm to do this all in one package saves me the time and money. Plus, it makes for one hell of a car snack.

I’m actually contemplating whether or not to crack into the bag I have left from the trip. I know I shouldn’t, but they are calling me.


Appearance: 5/10

Taste: 8/10

Value: 8.5/10

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