Chocolate Tuesday: “The Cookie” by DoubleTree Hotels

So it’s totally Tuesday and usually this blog is all about “Chocolate Monday,” but I am over 500 miles from home and despite having a plethora of chocolatey experiences so far this vacation, I have also been chasing around two children under the age of 5, so by about 10 pm, I am drooling on my stack of three pillows.

I’m actually hoping to have several posts this week, but we’ll see how chasing them around a theme park for two days goes. I have a feeling I may start drooling even earlier.

Although this vacation was not supposed to be chocolate themed, I’ve actually managed to find myself surrounded by all sorts of cocoa goodness. It all started when we checked into our hotel. Despite being laden down with diaper bags, stuffed animals, a purse and a baby, when the nice lady behind the desk handed me the keys and four small paper bags with cookies, I was thrilled. I was a tad less thrilled when she said the word cookie as the four year old standing at my hip nearly started scaling me to get t said cookie.

After we made our way to our room (which I will amit was a bit confusing to find), dropped all the bags on the floor and sent my husband back to the car for the rest of the luggage, my son and I dove into our bags.

It was a little hard to eat at first. Since it was warm, it was falling apart in my hand. I love cookies, but hate when pulling a small piece off leaves my hands really messy. Nothing like trying to find a tissue in a brand new hotel room hile two kids who should be in be are running around trying to get in to everything. Especially when one of them has a similar melty cookie in his hand.

I’ll be honest, I didn’t get much of a chance to enjoy the cookie that night. Since there were two left (my husband didn’t want his and my daughter couldn’t have hers), I put them in the fridge, thinking we might eat them later.

I didn’t get around to thinking about them until three nights later. I was pretty sure they’d be stale, but to my surprise, not only were they not stale, but they still tasted fresh. Unlike a great many cookies, they were still soft and practically fell apart in my hands. The benefit of putting them in the fridge is that they weren’t at all messy.

What they were was tasty. I was nervous since they are chocolate walnut cookies and I don’t generally like walnuts, but the nuttyness was subtle and actually crunchy. My main complaint with walnuts in desserts is that they get all mushy and mealy. These nuts still had a slight crunch. While they didn’t contribute much flavor (they never really do), they gave the cookie just a slightly salty hint that blended well with the sweetness of the chips.

The chips were ample. I know this is going to sound odd, but I often don’t like when cookies are nothing but chips. This one wasn’t so jammed with them that I felt overwhelmed. I think the nuts really helped this. Instead, I got a bit of chocolate in each bite without just tasting chocolate.

While I won’t go sofar as to say I will only stay at DoubleTree hotels, I know that when I ask my mother-in-law (my official travel agent) to find us a place to stay for vacation, I might just ask her to check to see if there are DoubleTrees in the area. Any place that gives me free chocolate is ok by me.


Taste: 8.5/10

Value: 10/10

Appearance: 8.5/10

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