Chocolate Monday: Hammond’s More S’mores

hammonds smallVacations are wonderful for so many reasons. Sometimes they mean more time with family. Sometimes, and these are often the better times, they mean getting away from family…or at least certain family members. For me, vacation is not only a way to “get away from it all,” and explore strange new ports of call, but also a chance to go on a real adventure: a chocolate adventure.

I love combing shops for new and interesting types of chocolates. Sometimes they are brands I can get back home, but haven’t. Sometimes they are completely local. No matter where I go, chocolate is always on my mind.

So, on my recent vacation to Charleston, South Carolina, while my little nuclear family was escaping from the rest of our relatives, we headed to the City Market. While we were there, we found a neat little chocolate shop that offered a wide variety of goodies. I bought two chocolate bars there. I wrote about the Chuao bar last week. Even though half of that bar is still sitting in my fridge, I was dying to try the second one: Hammond’s More S’mores.

Hammond’s started as a small candy shop in Denver, Colorado. The original candy man, Carl Hammond, dropped out of high school and took on a candy making apprenticeship. In 1920, he opened the shop and for 79 years, it remained a family owned business. It has since been bought and the product line increased. They’ve got it all: lollipops, ribbon candy, chocolates, candy canes, and even caramel corn. My interest, of course, was in the chocolate bars. Although the website shows 17 different types of chocolate bars, the store I was at only had about half a dozen. Of those, I went for the More S’mores because ever since I went to my first campout with Girl Scouts in the 2nd grade, I have had an unhealthy love for s’mores.

It probably didn’t hurt that my sister-in-law had invited us to a campfire, complete with marshmallow roast (and the opportunity to bring our own s’mores fixins’), but we had to decline since my son was ill. Since I couldn’t make the ooey goey, finger-sticking treats myself, I went for the next best thing.

When I opened the package, I was amazed that the entire bar smelled like marshmallows. I’ve never really thought of marshmallows having a very strong smell, but the bar-smoresLsecond that wrapper was off, it was unmistakable. The milk chocolate was extra creamy. It had a velvety texture that the Hershey bar I would have made my s’more with just doesn’t have. I didn’t need to heat the chocolate up because this chocolate was simply melting on my tongue. The crispy graham cracker was in every single bite. It was fine, more like a graham dust, but it was there all the way through. No one factor stood out, it was the perfect blend of marshmallow, chocolate and graham. It reminded me of these s’mores cookies my mom used to buy when I was a kid. We’d heat them up just a tad in the microwave and it was almost like being at a campfire…almost.

The bar was so good, that despite my promise to myself, I ate the entire thing in one sitting. Thankfully it was the same size as a regular candy bar, so I didn’t have too much guilt over it.


taste: 9/10

appearance: 5/10 (it’s not much to look at)

value: 8.5/10 (at $2.95 a bar, it’s a bit pricey for a candy bar)


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