Chocolate Monday: Lindt White Chocolate Sticks

lime splash wrapperOn vacation in South Carolina a few months ago, I ran across a Lindt Caramel Brownie stick at a Target. This was the first time I’d ever seen any sort of chocolate product actually calling out to me (The wrapper actually says, “Hello, My Name is…) and since I simply adore caramel and brownies, I had to have it. I enjoyed it quite a bit (and will write a review of it on here soon), but when I got home, I noticed a plethora of equally tantalizing sticks all beckoning to me at my local Target. I had to swoop one of every flavor into my cart.

For this review, I sampled three of the sticks: Lime Splash, Berry Affair and Coconut Love. Although I usually dive head first into milk chocolate, I was running a bit low on available calories last week, so I decided to start with the stick with the fewest. Although they are all within 20 calories or so of each other, Lime Splash is the lightest, so that’s where I started. And, since I started with the white chocolates, I figured I might as well nibble them all and do two reviews, one on the whites and one on the milks.

The Lime Splash stick threw me for a loop. When I tried the caramel brownie one, it was chocolate surrounding brownie pieces linked with chocolate surrounding gooey lime splashcaramel. So, I was expecting some sort of liquidy lime filling. Instead, I was met with a wall of white chocolate. Now, it was white chocolate infused with very tart hints of lime, which sort of reminded me of a solid version of a key lime pie. It was a very bright lime flavor which lingered in my mouth and almost made my teeth tingle a little because it was so sweet. Thankfully the teeniest, tiniest hint of buttermilk in this stick mellowed the lime out just a tad. However, the little flavor crystals inside the bar, which reminded me of those crystals in mints, gave it a bit of a grainy texture. Even though I liked the taste, after half a stick I had to stop. It was just too sweet for me. I put the other half in my lunch box, thinking it’d be a treat for me one afternoon, but so far, I haven’t really had a desire to eat it. I have a feeling I’ll end up giving the rest of it to one of my students. They’ll eat anything.

Lindt berry wrapperA few days later I decided I really needed to try the next stick. I wasn’t overly enthused about it, especially since I figured Berry Affair would also be a solid chunk of chocolate with some flavor crystals, but thankfully this one had a bit more texture. The white chocolate was quite creamy and it lacked the graininess of the lime bar. It also had a filling of sorts. Now, it says right on the wrapper it has a yogurt filling, and it was yogurt, but not what I expected of yogurt. Once again, instead of being a liquidy filling, this yogurt was sort of powdered. It absolutely tasted like yogurt, but the texture just messed with my brain a little. It also tasted a bit like Smartees. I’m not sure if my brain made that association because it was powdered yogurt, but that’s all I could think of as I ate it. However, this one also had real pieces of dried cherries and seeds to give it some additional texture, which I really enjoyed. Of the three, this was definitely my favorite, although I Lindt berry 1have still yet to eat the other half of it.

Tonight I figured I should try the last one: Coconut Love. Now, I am usually a huge coconut fan. I love coconut cake and the mere thought of the coconut pancakes I had one summer in Jamaica still makes my mouth water. However, the one way I just don’t like coconut at all is in the form of a pina colada. Now, I don’t understand why this is. I like rum, I really do. I downright love pineapple. However, when it comes together with coconut, there is just something about the flavor that I just don’t like. Not one bit. This one tasted like a pina colada. It had that citrusy hint (although a little more lime than pineapple) and all I could think Lindt coconutof was that one section was all I was going to eat. I did like the little flakes of real toasted coconut that were in it, but it was so sweet that I was done after one bite.


Taste: 4/10

Appearance: 5/10 (wrappers are snazzy)

Value: 4/10 (they are only .99 each)



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3 responses to “Chocolate Monday: Lindt White Chocolate Sticks

  1. ondycakes

    I have an unhealthy attachment to Godiva’s white chocolate raspberry starfishes, so when I was trailing behind my husband in the candy isle of our local Target, the Lindt’s white chocolate Berry Affair caught my eye. While it’s no starfish, it’s heaven at a much more convenient location (and price)… the crack to druggies cocaine.
    While indulging one evening I decided to see if there are others in the world that also had a secret obsession with these little bars of heaven and I came across your review and I was startled and intrigued by your findings. I noticed that you had chosen the “chocolate stick” version, while I had been snacking on the “chocolate bar” version.
    The main issue I noticed you said was how the filling was texturally perplexing and not as one would expect of a Lindt confection. I’d eaten a few bars at this point *nods sagely* and I had never noticed any of the issues you had listed, so I began to wonder if there were possible recipe differences between the two.
    So today, I decided to pick up a “stick” version and a bar to compare, and I am stunned! I am finding almost exactly the textural experience you described. How very strange. I wonder if this is intentional on the company’s part.

  2. beetqueen

    I also LOVE Godiva’s white starfish treats. The raspberry filling inside is fantastic. Any time Godiva does anything with a hint of raspberry, I have to have it.

    I have seen the bar version of the Lindt sticks, but after such lackluster experiences with the sticks, I’ve avoided them. However, thanks to your reply, next time I am at Target (which no doubt will be very soon), I’m going to pick up a bar and see the difference myself. Thanks for the info!

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