Chocolate Monday: Back in play with Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate

3 C close upIt’s been a while since I wrote anything in this blog….a very long while. For about two years I was caught up in work, writing a novel and raising kids. I’m still doing the whole parenting thing, but I finished that novel…or the first and second drafts of it at least and it’s summer break, so I have a bit of time at that moment.

On a VERY long drive back from vacation at Isle of Palms, SC, I realized that since I finished my novel nearly a year ago, I have been lax about writing. Not lax exactly, more like just avoiding it. I don’t really have a good reason. In fact, I know that I really need to do another editing pass on my novel and then send it out to some more test readers so that maybe, just maybe, this dream of being a writer that started back when I was about 10 can come true.

But I’ll admit it, I’m scared. I’m scared that no matter how many editing passes the book goes through or how much positive feedback I get from very kind friends (so far 3 out of 3 readers have liked it and had a few very helpful suggestions), that it won’t be good enough. I’m not even sure what good enough means, but I fear it. Really fear it.

So, before I take the really gigantic plunge, I thought I’d get my feet wet by restarting this blog. Seems rather fitting as I just finished dipping my actual toes in the Atlantic Ocean every day for the last week. Well, every day except Wednesday when the sky kept opening up and making the outside world pretty unenjoyable. Of course, the inside world wasn’t much better as I was trapped in a house with just about every member of my husband’s family. And while most of them are very nice people, it’s pretty close quarters when there’s no way to leave.

Since my husband and I, like most Americans, are glued to our technology, we knew the day we arrived at the beach that we were in for some nasty weather later in the week. That meant that instead of saving our annual trip into Charleston for midweek when everyone would be getting more than a little sick of sharing the same few hundred square feet with each other, we had to move our trip to our very first full day in town.

Thankfully, it was a truly glorious day. It was warm, but even in town there was a nice breeze that mean walking from the Charleston Crab House, our favorite lunch place, through the open air City Market and then back to our car was actually pleasant. Some years temperatures in the 90’s along with dehydrating levels of humidity and a complete lack of breeze makes downtown Charleston a beautiful, but intolerable place to be. This year our ice cream from the always amazing Kilwin’s didn’t even melt before we’d made it back to our car.

One of my favorite stops in City Market is Sweet Charleston, which is wonderful not just because it is located in the small portion of the market that is actually full enclosed and air-conditioned, but also because it sells my favorite treat on the planet: chocolate. I always find fun new cocoa bites to try out.

3 Cs containerThis year I was drawn to Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate, a company I’d never heard of. I’m always excited for new chocolate finds and the picture on the package really made my mouth water. Gooey caramel pouring over a chocolate dipped waffle cone? This sounds pretty much like Nirvana to me. The company is at least 20% Fair Trade Certified by Fair Trade USA and proudly proclaims all of their Fair Trade ingredients on the back of the package, including their milk chocolate which is made from FT cane sugar, FT Cocoa butter, and FT chocolate liquor. They also list using grade AA butter and fresh whipping cream. I had to give this a try.

At first glance it’s pretty fun to look at. Pieces of waffle cone are pressed into the back side of the chocolate. They are scattered randomly, but there are definitely a lot of them. Inside the chocolate is a thin layer of caramel which actually stays inside the chocolate, unlike runnier caramels that pour right out after the first bite is taken. The caramel definitely has hints of vanilla. It’s not over powering though, just a light play on the tip of the tongue. The caramel is rather rich and definitely buttery as well.

It’s a bit hard to get the full flavor of the chocolate itself because it gets drowned out, not so much by the caramel, but by the waffle cone. The chocolate is creamy, but doesn’t stand out. I love the smell of waffle cones, but rarely get them because I always feel just a little let down by them. The taste rarely lives up to that wonderful smell, at least not for me. This waffle cone is no exception. I like the taste, but without the crisp of a fresh made waffle cone, the slightly soggy texture of the pieces on this bar make it fall even shorter than its larger, ice cream holding big brother.

Despite some texture flaws, the three flavors work well together and I will definitely be finishing the rest of the bar…it just may take me a few days.


Taste: 7/10
Value: 6/10 ($4.95 per bar online although I paid an additional mark up of about .50 for it)
Appearance: 8/10

3 Cs bar and container


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