Wildcard Wednesday: Nordstrom Rack

Nordstrom shoesAs usual, I am late to the girl party. Once again, I am clueless about an amazing place that other women seem to know about: Norstrom Rack. Ok, so I actually knew about its existence before today, but for some reason I had it it my mind that they just sold shoes. I have no idea why. I think once my mother-in-law wanted to go there on a visit to try to find some shoes and I just made the assumption. There is an equally good chance that she even told me they sold clothes, but as I only like to shop for clothes with like three people (and I don’t mean in a group of three. I mean there are only three other human beings I like to go shopping with, but only on a one on one basis), I probably did not acknowledge this information for fear she’d ask me to go along with her.

But since this is a holiday week and my husband has a few days off of work, when one of my good friends texted to see if I wanted to go shopping at Nordstrom Rack with her, I figured why not. My favorite pair of brown sandals are really starting to show their age, so I thought I might be able to find a replacement pair. I am even less of a shoe shopper than I am a clothes shopper. I am not someone who can comb shoe racks for hours, but I had no other plans and needed out of the house for a bit, so I agreed.

I asked my friend what she was looking for and she told me she needed some new summer dresses. I told her what I thought Nordstrom Rack was and after she finished laughing at me, she assured me I was in for a very pleasant surprise.

And boy was she right! In the two hours or so we spent in the shop, I found nearly two dozen items to try on. To my great delight, not only did they have tons of clothes that fit me really well, they also had clothes I actually liked. Once I figured out they actually sold clothes, I figured none of them would be my cup of tea. After all, my MIL always wants to go there when she visits and we have very, very different taste in clothes. And while my friend and I have some cross over clothing tastes, so much of what we’ve shopped for together has been business related attire, that I wasn’t sure they’d have anything for me. And while there were definitely outfits I think would have fit perfectly in my MIL’s closet, there were so many more that would be perfect for mine.

Norstrom dressWhen I walked out of my house this morning, I thought I might find one pair of shoes I’d want. I ended up coming home with a great pair of shoes, an adorable dress, two tunics that will look great with leggings, a lightweight sweater and a pair of super soft, super comfy denim capris. All of my items were insanely discounted from their original prices. Granted, I know a lot of stores (like Kohl’s), up their manufacturer’s suggested retail price to make the clothes seem like a better deal. I’m sure Norsdstrom Rack is guilty of this as well. However, I’ve been in Nodrstrom’s and I know how pricey their clothes are. I also know that I found clothes similar to the ones I bought on the actual clothing line websites selling for prices similar to the original ones listed on their price tags. Which means this fun beachy dress I got for under $30 was listed on the brand’s website for $68.

I did have a slight moment of panic when I saw the original price tag on the tunic I really liked. Someone must have ripped the discounted price tag off of it because the only price showing was $128. I really liked the tunic, but not for that price. I had them run a price check on it and was relieved it was less than $30.

The most expensive item I bought was my shoes, which my friend warned me always have a bit of a sticker shock to them. They aren’t discounted nearly as much as the clothes. Still, $40 for super cute sandals is a price I’m willing to pay.

Nortstrom tunicWhen all sales were final and the registered finished totaling my purchases up, I spent a lot more than I planned ($189), but considering my original intent was just to get sandals and I was not prepared to pay more than $50 for them, I think I did pretty well. According to my receipt, I saved over $250. Again, I don’t know how accurate the “savings” are, but all that matters to me was that I got nice clothing at reasonable prices. I don’t care if the tunic was never really $128. It cost me less than $30 and that is money I’m willing to spend for something super cute I can wear either to work or to a movie.




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