Wildcard Wednesday: Facebook Shopping

Third Love braEver wonder why Facebook keeps slipping in all of those ads between the posts you actually want to see? Ok, probably not. They are a company and they want to make money and companies pay big bucks for those ads. Yes, I know, everyone knows how ads work. I guess the better question might be: ever wonder who falls for those ads and buys the products they see on Facebook?

Look no further: I am the answer.

That’s right, in the last year I have purchased not one, not two, not even three products I’ve seen advertised on Facebook. I’ve actually purchased a couple dozen items I’ve found through Facebook ads. Now, in all fairness, those items have been spread out through four different companies, so really it’s like I’ve only fallen for four of the ads, right?

They’ve also all been clothing products.

Cupshe sweaterMy first purchase was from a company called Cupshe. I kept seeing this sweater pop up in my feed and it looked both comfy and warm. I live in the Midwest and it gets darn chilly here in the winter, so warm, comfy sweaters are an absolute must. When I saw the exact same sweater also pop up on Pinterest, I figured it had to be a sign. I ordered the sweater, thrilled with the low price (it was under $25) and not paying one bit of attention to the shipping date.

And so I waited, and waited, and waited some more for my sweater to come. I’d almost thought I’d been swindled out of my money when an envelope finally appeared in my mailbox with my sweater. And it is a glorious sweater. It is actually one of my favorite sweaters of all time. I love everything about it. I was so jazzed with this purchase that I immediately went back on the Cupshe website to search for more precious gems like this one. I ordered three more sweaters from them and while each sweater I ordered was the exact same size as the delightful one I had come to treasure, what showed up at my house was definitely not of equal quality. One sweater had buttons clearly not sewn on in the right places. One fit a big snuggly and the third one…well, it was so tiny I could not fathom anyone getting it on. I double checked the tag and the size was, in fact, the one I ordered, but a good friend, who wears an 8, could just barely get it on.

I realized my first sweater had obviously been some sort of miraculous fluke and decided to cut my loses (the sweaters had been so cheap that shipping them back and hoping for a refund seemed like a waste to me).

Thankfully, this was the only negative experience I’ve had with my Facebook finds.

eshakti dressMy next adventure was with eshakti. Every single time I got on Facebook, an ad for this company popped up. I really liked the dress that popped up and this company not only promised easy returns, but that every piece could be customized to guarantee a proper fit. I tentatively took the plunge. I found one dress I really liked, used their sizing chart and ordered. I could have completely customized my dress to my exact measurements for only $10 more, but I wanted to see how true their sizing was before I spent additional money. I had concerns about returning something that had been completely customized for me.

My concerns were completely unfounded. Not only did the dress fit just perfectly, but it was cute and I really liked it. I’ve since had four more orders from them and with the exception of the dress I ordered the wrong size for, they’ve all fit wonderfully. Every month or so I check out their website for new finds.

This summer I was in desperate need of a new bathing suit. I got my last one the first time we took our kids on the now annual family beach vacation…7 years ago. We don’t get out to the beach and we don’t have a pool, so this is sort of excusable. However, it was worn and stretched and just not that comfy anymore.

bathing suitI kept seeing ads for Liligal on FB and once again, they also started popping up on Pinterest as well. My eye was immediately drawn to this suit, but when I went to the website I’ll admit I was torn between several. I ended up getting my first choice and I’m glad I did. Initially I was not thrilled with it, but that wasn’t really the suit’s fault. Once again I thought returning it would be more hassle than it was worth, especially since it fit just fine. So I took it on our beach vacation and really ended up liking it. I’m actually excited about taking it back to the beach when I go with my friends in September.

My most recent purchase has been from ThirdLove. I’ve been in the market for a comfy bra for quite some time now and they promise a completely risk free experience. You pay only $2.99 for the bra up front. You get to wear it, wash and see if you like it for 30 days before you have to make a decision. If you don’t like it, you can send it back and you are only out $2.99 plus some postage. If you decide to keep it, they charge your credit card for it. I’m going to keep you in suspense for a bit longer about this most recent purchase as I’ve only had it for a week and plan to do a review of it soon.

I have to say that even though I was very hesitant and did get burned on one online purchase, Facebook’s creepy ad algorithm really does seem to know me. I know I should probably be very upset with this. It’s really rather Big Brother-esque, but I keep finding really comfy, really cute clothes I like and that’s not always an easy thing for me. So for now, I am not only submitting to Lord Google for all my driving and trivia needs, but to Lord Facebook for at least part of my shopping needs.



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