Wildcard Wednesday: Artistic socks

Starry Night socksToday was not a good day. I can’t exactly explain everything that made it a bad day. It was just one of those days that by lunch time, I was ready to tear my own hair out. And when I gathered with my fellow teachers, ready to unleash the tide of small annoyances and inconveniences that seemed to be ruling the day, I found I wasn’t alone.

Although my work friends and I gather almost every day to eat lunch together, it is rarely a complaint fest. Generally lunch is a time when we guffaw over something silly a student has said or some unfortunate word choice we’ve made in class that we thought nothing of, but the kids nearly lost it over. There was no joy in Mudville today though. As soon as I entered the room, desperate for sympathetic ears to vent to, I found out that because my lunch had taken longer to heat up than normal, I’d already missed every other member of the group releasing their frustrations. They let me go off the rails for a few minutes and all commiserated. Before lunch was even over, another member of our department came down to apologize for being so grumpy at the morning meeting because she too was just having one of those days. We all assured her that in our own funks we’d hardly noticed.

I could go on and on and on here over my frustrations. If I was the type of person to drowned my sorrows in alcohol, I might be going through a bottle of wine tonight. Instead, I fed my anger/annoyance/frustrations with a chocolate chip cookie. Although it did not even kind of solve my problems or really make me feel any better, I have decided not to vent anymore today.

wave socksInstead, I am going to lighten my mood, and talk about the amazingly fun socks I wore today. Last year I did an Amazon search for “tall socks.” I have these super cute black boots that I love to wear. However, the have a slightly odd cut to them and if I do not have really tall socks, the material on the top edges rubs against my leg (they are not at all tight, they smack into the back of my calf when I walk) and it is horribly uncomfy.

While my search did not quite turn up what I wanted (I just have to wear the boots with leggings), it did help me find these fun, funky art socks. Although they may not have been able to totally improve my day, just looking at them now does make me a bit happier.

As a rule, I don’t wear socks. If I had my way, I would wear some sort of sandal all year long. Unfortunately in Indiana, despite many years of trying to make any type of weather sandal weather (yes, in college I once had to call a friend to pick me up from work because I’d worn sandals and while I was in the office it had started to snow and I knew I would not be able to walk all the way back to my apartment without losing a toe), I have had to give in and buy “real shoes.” I am known for my poor choice of footwear. On any given occasion, I am always wearing the wrong thing on my feet. Unless I am going to the gym, I try to avoid having socks on.

The Scream socksStill, from time to time I must wear them, so I like for them to be something fun. My favorite pair are probably my purple Shakespeare socks. Although I do like the ones with the curse words on them too, especially when I have them hidden by my pant legs at school.

Days like today it is especially helpful to know that while I can’t actually let loose with the giant scream that is welling up inside me in the middle of my class, at least I can take comfort in the fact that my socks are screaming for me.



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