So, who am I? I’m a writer secretly disguised as a public school teacher. I spend my days desperately trying to teach unappreciative youths to enjoy, or at least tolerate the written word. When I get home, I transform into Frustrated Writer Girl. My true identity cannot be known, otherwise I might jeopardize the safety of all around me.

Seriously, I’m an English teacher, mom, and lover of books and movies who spends a lot of her free time hanging out in a local coffee shop with my friends, despite my absolute hatred of actual coffee. I recently finished writing my first novel, which some of my nearest and dearest are reading and giving me feedback on. One day I hope to actually see it bound on a bookshelf or two.

Travel is a serious passion of mine. I love planning trips. I travel with my family, with my students and by myself. I want to see this entire world and while I know that is a rather lofty goal, I’m at a point in my life where I really want to work toward it. As an outlet for my love of traveling and trip planning, I have become a Magical Vacation Planner, which has been pretty fun so far. I’ve always been a Disney fanatic, so the idea of helping other people plan trips to a truly happy place for me (as well as trips to Universal Studios, cruises and tropical resorts), is a dream come true. I’m still teaching full time, so my vacation planning is truly a passion. I’m in it for the love of travel…and the MOUSE.

And I love chocolate. And I do mean LOVE chocolate. In a way that most people probably consider a little unhealthy. Me, I think of it more like a pure joy of life. While I may consume copious amounts of it and can be satisfied with the cheap stuff, I’m always on the look out for new chocolate products to try.

Oh, and, I don’t actually like beets at all.

10 responses to “Me

  1. Kit-chen

    hey slacker. fill this out…

  2. beetqueen

    Yeah, yeah, I’m lazy…oh wait, no, I have a baby who doesn’t like to nap and hates to sit still. He can’t already have ADD, can he?

  3. beetqueen

    Ok, who knows how I actually update this page?

  4. Eee

    The baby is only 3 months old and you are already using him as an excuse? For shame Shannon, you are already turning into a soccer mom. When Kit called me out I just deleted the page. Now that is what I call lazy! Or maybe I’m a woman of mystery…..

  5. paleica

    i fear if you visit my blog you won’t understand much of it but still i want to leave a message that i love your header pic it makes me wanna read (=

  6. Great ‘ME’ content. You’re a great writer!

  7. Laura

    I love your Chocolate Monday Posts 🙂 They are awesome! If you like the Godiva G, then you need to check out Norman Love Confections, he has a website for online orders – but the best way to experience it is by going to the “Chocolate Salon” for some free samples!

    I am not sure where you live – but if you are ever in Southwest Florida (Fort Myers) – look him up – you won’t be disappointed!

    • beetqueen

      Thanks for the tip! I’m always looking for new things to try. Though I have tried Love’s creations from Godiva, I’d love to see what else he has.

      I actually lived in Florida for awhile (the Northern part), but it was before I became anything more than a dabbler in chocolate, so I know I missed out on some great opportunities.

      Glad you enjoy the posts!

  8. I just stumbled across your blog, and there’s chocolate mentions everywhere. I love it!

    (I hate coffee, too.)

    • beetqueen

      Every Monday I do a chocolate specific post. I LOVE the stuff and am always trying something new to review for anyone who wants my opinion! Plus, I get to eat chocolate. Win, win!

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