So, who am I? I’m a writer secretly disguised as a public school teacher. I spend my days desperately trying to teach unappreciative youths to enjoy, or at least tolerate the written word. When I get home, I transform into Frustrated Writer Girl. My true identity cannot be known, otherwise I might jeopardize the safety of all around me.

Seriously, I’m an English teacher, mom, and lover of books and movies who spends a lot of her free time hanging out in a local coffee shop with my friends, despite my absolute hatred of actual coffee. I recently finished writing my first novel, which some of my nearest and dearest are reading and giving me feedback on. One day I hope to actually see it bound on a bookshelf or two. I’m also working on a book of vignettes and have a ton written and a theme, but haven’t quite figured out how to order them or tie them all completely together yet (plus, I think I need a few more). I go off on tirades constantly about my students, entertainment and people in general, which is probably what a lot of my posts will be about. I grew up in a pretty darn religious household and then moved into a really non-religious one, so I also have a lot of childhood baggage to complain about. Usually I would have sworn there, but as I’m doing the mom thing, I’m trying to cut down on that.

And I love chocolate. And I do mean LOVE chocolate. In a way that most people probably consider a little unhealthy. Me, I think of it more like a pure joy of life. While I may consume copious amounts of it and can be satisfied with the cheap stuff, I’m always on the look out for new chocolate products to try, which is why I’ve started Chocolate Mondays. Every Monday I bring you a new review of a chocolatey treat.

Oh, and, I don’t actually like beets at all.

10 responses to “Me

  1. Kit-chen

    hey slacker. fill this out…

  2. beetqueen

    Yeah, yeah, I’m lazy…oh wait, no, I have a baby who doesn’t like to nap and hates to sit still. He can’t already have ADD, can he?

  3. beetqueen

    Ok, who knows how I actually update this page?

  4. Eee

    The baby is only 3 months old and you are already using him as an excuse? For shame Shannon, you are already turning into a soccer mom. When Kit called me out I just deleted the page. Now that is what I call lazy! Or maybe I’m a woman of mystery…..

  5. paleica

    i fear if you visit my blog you won’t understand much of it but still i want to leave a message that i love your header pic it makes me wanna read (=

  6. Great ‘ME’ content. You’re a great writer!

  7. Laura

    I love your Chocolate Monday Posts 🙂 They are awesome! If you like the Godiva G, then you need to check out Norman Love Confections, he has a website for online orders – but the best way to experience it is by going to the “Chocolate Salon” for some free samples!

    I am not sure where you live – but if you are ever in Southwest Florida (Fort Myers) – look him up – you won’t be disappointed!

    • beetqueen

      Thanks for the tip! I’m always looking for new things to try. Though I have tried Love’s creations from Godiva, I’d love to see what else he has.

      I actually lived in Florida for awhile (the Northern part), but it was before I became anything more than a dabbler in chocolate, so I know I missed out on some great opportunities.

      Glad you enjoy the posts!

  8. I just stumbled across your blog, and there’s chocolate mentions everywhere. I love it!

    (I hate coffee, too.)

    • beetqueen

      Every Monday I do a chocolate specific post. I LOVE the stuff and am always trying something new to review for anyone who wants my opinion! Plus, I get to eat chocolate. Win, win!

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