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Wildcard Wednesday: My new phone

I finally got sick of having the world’s dumbest smart phone. Ok, that’s probably not completely fair or completely true, but calling it a piece of junk was being kind.

It’s my own fault. In an attempt not to spend an arm and a leg on a new phone, I opted for one of the cheapest smart phones out there. The phone itself was fine. The problem was that it only had 8 GB of storage on it and a little over half of that storage was used for all sorts of system files I had no control over and could not delete. Even though I bought a 16 GB SD card, it hardly helped. Only some of my apps could be saved to the SD card, so I was constantly getting the message that my phone was at low storage and updates could not be made.

Every photo or video I took had to immediately be uploaded to my Google account. I constantly had to delete my internet cache. I also had to uninstall updates for all of the apps that came preloaded onto my phone (like Google Drive, Hangouts, YouTube, Amazon, T-Mobile, etc).

It wasn’t horrible when this was something I had to do once every couple of weeks. I could even deal with it when I was doing it weekly. However, when it got to the point that I was getting that message every other day, I just couldn’t take it anymore, so I gave in and drove myself to the T-Mobile store.

While I did not go crazy and get a top of the line phone, I did make sure that this new one had plenty of storage. That was really my only must have.

My new phone has 32GB and even adding tons of apps directly onto my phone has left me with 16 GB left. And I haven’t even put my memory card into this phone yet. I can’t. I mean, it fits and everything and would give me 16 additional GB of space, but for some reason that no one at the T-Mobile store can figure out, my new phone will not recognize the audiobooks I have downloaded to the memory card. My new phone has Overdrive and has played every book I’ve downloaded from my local library, but for some reason it does not want to acknowledge the existence of the two dozen or so audiobooks I have on my memory card.

For now I am leaving the card in my old phone. I figure I can use it like an iPod and just play the books when I want to hear them. As soon as I finish them, I can delete them from my memory card and stick it in the new phone.

Aside from this strange snafu with the memory card, I really like my new phone. It’s still nothing overly fancy, but it does exactly what I need and didn’t cost more than my mortgage payment, so I’m cool with it.


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Wild Card Wednesdays: Evil Apples

I have a phone that just barely qualifies as a smart phone. I’m someone who likes to pretend I don’t spend nearly the amount of time on my phone that I actually do. As a result, I refuse to throw hundreds of dollars away on a phone when I can get a reasonable priced phone for just over a hundred. Yeah, I know, you get what you pay for. I buy a cruddy bottom of the line “smart phone” and I should not be surprised that it is mildly intelligent at best.

My biggest complaint about my phone is its complete lack of storage. Even though I bought an additional memory card (which is only half full), several of my apps won’t allow me to transfer them to my SD card (looking at you flashlight and Overdrive apps). And, over half of my storage space was full before I ever put a single app on my phone–stupid “miscellaneous” category that holds .files I have no idea what they do.

Although I immediately upload all videos and photos I take on my phone to Google photos, on a good day I have about 622MB free on my phone. Thankfully that was just enough for me to download Evil Apples, an app that will, in fact, allow me to transfer it to my SD card.

For anyone not in the know, if Cards Against Humanity is one of your go to games, this app might be perfect for you. Although Evil Apples does not have the same social dynamic to it, I like that I can kick back in my comfy marshmallow chair, pull up Evil Apples and play both with friends and strangers any time I want without having to clean my house.

I have not yet played the game against strangers as two of my good friends also play the game. About once a week, usually as we are unwinding after putting our kids to bed, one of us invites everybody else to the game and we play a few rounds before bed.

Just like Cards Against Humanity, it’s gross, irreverent, and often of questionable taste. But it is pretty darn fun. Just like CAH, once you earn enough points from winning games, you can buy extra decks. I recently bought the Dirty Disney, Kama Sutra and Bookworm decks. Coupled with the decks my friends have “purchased” with our winnings, the game is pretty fun.

While the games I play on my own aren’t quite as fun as the game of CAH I played on my recent vacation to Isle of Palms, SC, I’m still glad I was able to add the app to my phone.

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